Xm Satellite Radio Case

1 . Define the customer/prospect sectors.

In 1997 XM Satellite A radio station was examining how they may utilize consumer segmentation to make a focused target market in their business plan. After right consideration XM Satellite A radio station determined which a multi-segmented strategy would be beneficial to their business model. A multi-segmented approach would allow for XM Satellite The airwaves to custom certain areas to meet the needs of large populations that share unique characteristics. This approach would not be beneficial to getting revenue dollars through subscribers, but it would help attract advertising profits into the business, if marketing was the route taken. Marketers would be drawn to XM Satellite Radio's communication medium, which usually would help them market many to customers within the focus on markets they will wanted to reach. XM Dish Radio segmented their possible client base employing two primary demographics, grow older and race/culture. An additional more compact, demographic was utilized too which most of us refer to as other. Inside each of one of these demographics are the customer segments that XM Satellite tv Radio made a decision to focus on: Demographic: Age

1) Young Adults

2) Baby Boomers

3) Seniors

Market: Race/Culture

1) African Americans

2) Mexican Americans

Market: Other (Occupation, Religion)

1) Business People

2) Truck Motorists

3) Faith

2 . Determine a value proposition for each of the segments.

For XM Dish Radio to produce an attractive and profitable business which traders will want to fund, they need to appreciate and show the way they plan to make value propositions for each consumer segments that can entice individuals shoppers to purchase XM Satellite Radio. First, all of us will look at some facts related to each marketplace segment after which propose likely value propositions for each section. (Note: In referencing demand levels we will give attention to figures...



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