Wiig Kilometres Model


1 . Intro:

During a career spanning more than 30 years – and counting – Karl Wiig was working together with the principles embodied by simply knowledge managing since prior to the term was even gave. Officially, Karl Wiig is retired. But , as Wiig himself says, sometimes this just doesn't work. After a 35-year career being a technical and management advisor, he consequently continues to take a seat as chairman and chief executive of the Understanding Research Commence, working with consumers in the implementation of knowledge management-based approaches to improving internal procedures and organisational decision making.

Knowledge managing models are the one which bring the organisation's best to gather, store and analyze know-how to have an benefit over their particular competitors. KILOMETERS [Knowledge Management] in its largest sense, can be described as conceptual framework that encompasses all activities and points of views required to gain an overview of, deal with, and benefit from the businesses knowledge possessions and their circumstances. It pinpoints and prioritises those knowledge areas that need management focus. It recognizes the salient alternatives and suggests methods for managing all of them, and performs activities necessary to achieve desired results. (Wiig, 1993, s. 18)

2 . Description of model:

There are some useful dimensions to be mentioned in Wiigs KM model. They are completeness, connectedness, congruency, also perspective and purpose. ‘Completeness' refers to how much knowledge is useful coming from a given source. Sources may differ from human being minds to knowledge angles (i. e, tactic or perhaps explicit knowledge). We first need to determine the knowledge out there, the knowledge might be complete if perhaps all the information available on the subject can there be. ‘Connectedness' refers to the very well understood plus the comprehensive relations between the several knowledge objects. Most know-how objects are object will be connected to the other person, the more connected a knowledge subject is then a lot more...



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