What Is "Sexting" and What makes it a Problem?

Precisely what is " Sexting” and Why is it a Problem?

The word " sexting” is a mixture of the words " sex” and " sending text messages. Sexting is a slang term for the use of a cell phone or other similar electronic device to send or get nude or perhaps semi-nude photographs or movies of sexually explicit images. It can also consider text messages of the sexually recharged nature. Since technology features advanced cellular phones have the ability to record and mail photos, as well as videos. The practice of sending effective and specific pictures has grown, especially between teenagers due to pressure off their boyfriend/girlfriend, or perhaps other cultural peers.

From era to era, teenagers and adults had been exchanging sexually suggestive and explicit albhabets, messages and other materials, so sexting should not come as a major surprise. Alternatively, the simplicity with which photos and videos can be disseminated is a concern. A photo shared between a couple can quickly get a viral spectacle. We have seen this happen over the past several years with various celebrity photos and sex video tutorials. The problem is that photos and videos which might be sent independently can easily be shared with others. When the digital pictures are out in the wide open, they leave a digital impact, especially online.

As sexting is such a new happening, it is even now debated in regards to what the correct type of action to take against teenagers and their use of sexting. Could sexting be considered kid pornography? The Oxford Book of Police force defines kid pornography as: An image of the child linked to sexual activity or in a sexually attention grabbing pose. An individual who takes, makes, shows, redirects, advertises, or perhaps possesses an indecent ‘photograph or pseudo‐photograph' of a kid commits a crime. A ‘pseudo‐photograph' is an image, created by computer images or any other means that is similar to a photograph and can include electronically stored data which can be converted into this kind of images. A ‘child'...

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