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Francisco " Mang Kiko" Bayan Icasiano is one of the eight children of Francisca Bayan and Bonifacio Ycasiano.

Francisco Bayan Icasiano wrote a column eligible " Coming from My Nipa Hut" to get the Weekend Tribune Magazine. Written in English, Francisco tried to get the Philippine life and culture throughout the eyes of " Mang Kiko. " The light-hearted and hilarious essays uncovered a deep sympathy to get the common tao (or the commonly used term nowadays, intended for the " madlang people" ). 5. The life of Francisco Icasiano

Francisco Icasiano was a Filipino author who also passed the more prolonged name of Francisco " Mang Kiko" Bayan Icasiano. Amongst his first literary works were a series of essays written in the Sunday TribuneВ Magazine. The documents, written in English, had been entitled 'From my Nipa Hut' and were satirical or comedy in style and tried to echo the traditions of the common Tao people in the Thailand. The documents seemed to go through the culture inside the Philippines and, whilst comedic in style, provided opinion on what your life was like in the Philippines. These kinds of essays include subsequently recently been collated in a book eligible 'Horizons via my Nipa Hut'. Icasiano's literary functions did not end with the essays as he as well wrote a series ofВ short tales, including the subject Sonia. The earth in a coach is an essay which is a part of mang kiko's publication entitled course from my personal nipa shelter. OtherВ informationВ surrounding the Filipino author is hard to find but we know the names of his father and mother, Francisca Bayan and Bonifacio Ycasiano and we know that having been one of seven siblings given birth to into the family.

The World within a TrainВ

Francisco B. IcasianoВ

One Sunday I entrained for Baliwag, a city in Bulacan which can well afford to carry two bamboulas a year with out a qualm. В I took the coach partly since I i am prejudiced in favour of the government-owned railroad, partly because I am allowed comparative peace of mind in a instructor, and finally since trains occasionally leave and arrive according to schedule. В Inside the...



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