Viscosities of Liquids


The objective of this kind of lab was going to find and examine the viscosities of ideal and nonideal alternatives. The ideal becoming the toluene/p-xylene and the nonideal being the methanol/water. The 2nd objective of the lab was going to investigate the temperature dependence of viscosity (Halpern, 17-1).


Viscosity is the resistance to flow of a certain fluid. From this experiment two solutions are being used. According to the meaning of viscosity mobile liquids possess a relatively low viscosity. Fluidity is the testing of viscosity, given because equation one particular: F=1/ η. Fluidity can be advantageous because solutions of mixed alternatives of nonassociating liquids will be roughly preservative. In this research binary alternatives are used, thus if every pure liquid has fluidities Fa and Fb, the fluidity of the mixture has by: Equation1 (Halpern, 17-3). F=xAFA•+xBFB• where Xa and Xb would be the mole jeu.

The viscosity in the mixture has as:

ln η = XA ln η •A & XB ln η •B Equation two (Halpern, 17-3)

The second part of this lab is to measure the temperature dependence of viscosity. It is well-known that the viscosity of a genuine liquid raises exponentially. In the event the flow moments of a the liquid is procedures and the denseness is known the viscosity are given because: Equation 3 (Halpern 17-5).

О· = О· r ПЃt/ ПЃrtr where Ојr, ПЃr, tr are definitely the viscosity, thickness, and movement time of the reference liquefied, in this case water (Halpern, 17-4).

Materials and Strategies:


The strategy for this research laboratory was obtained from Halpern pgs 17-4 to 17-6. Materials:

The materials utilized for this research laboratory were:

Ostwald Viscometer

Digital Thermometer

Hot water shower

5mL pipette


Drinking water was used like a reference liquefied. Then a binary solution was made of a 20% methanol in water, 40% methanol in water, 60 per cent methanol in water, 80 percent methanol in water...

Offered: Halpern, Arthur M.; McBane, George C.; Experimental Physical Chemistry: A Laboratory Textbook, 3rd impotence.; W. L. Freeman and Company.: New York, 2006.



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