Does College Prepare All of us for Life

п»їDoes University Prepare All of us for Life?

The college days will be crammed with facts and characters, encompassing different subjects which range from English to Mathematics. Most of these require pupils to learn, memorise, understand and be tested. Besides degrees and examinations, the school as well encompasses a larger curriculum which includes character rounds, citizenship building and personality development. Without a doubt, I think the college does make us for lifetime. Firstly, the school teaches all of us self-discipline. We learn to keep to a schedule and to stick to the timetable. We likewise learn to enjoy time and to become punctual. Additionally, we are trained to plan and manage time wisely. We also abide by and esteem rules and regulations. The disciplined students will increase up to always be disciplined adults and they will flourish in their upcoming undertakings. The college also helps to fortify our determination and perseverance. We learn to fulfil the demands in the school. We also learn to meet deadlines and turn in the groundwork on time. Moreover, we learn how to face pressure and pressure. In school, pupils learn to conquer challenges. Pupils with strength of character will be well-prepared to face the challenges of and lifestyle in the future. Co-curricular activities will be part and parcel of any student's your life. They assistance to mould students' character and personality in order that students learn how to be assured. They assistance to hone the leadership characteristics in the pupils themselves. Pupils learn to communicate and co-operate with other folks. They also discover how to appreciate great values like esprit de corps. Pupils learn to bring about positively and put their best foot forward besides to consider success and failure inside their stride. All of us as the students learn to honor values of sportsmanship and fair play. Through co-curricular activities, students also find out loyalty, commitment and responsibility. When they expand up, they may work well as a team with others and dedicated in severe work. The college is a...



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