To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird​


" I thought he would have a fine surprise,  but his face killed my joy.  A flash of plain fear was going out of his eyes,  but returned when Dill and Jem wriggled into the light” (Lee 203).  This reveals that sometimes events happen that are not expected and these events can be obstacles or aids.  In chapter 15 of the novel,  ​

To Kill a Mockingbird​

, В theВ author, В HarperВ Lee, В usesВ

setting, В characterВ traits, В andВ externalВ conflictВ toВ developВ theВ themeВ thatВ theВ smallВ occasionsВ thatВ happenВ haveВ anВ effectВ onВ theВ biggestВ occasionsВ inВ life. В InВ theВ novelВ LeeВ usesВ characterВ traitsВ toВ establishВ theВ theme. В LeeВ suggestsВ thatВ theВ characterВ traitsВ ofВ ScoutВ influencedВ theВ charactersВ atВ theВ jailВ sceneВ whenВ heВ comments, В " ‘Don'tВ youВ rememberВ me, В Mr. В Cunningham? В I'mВ JeanВ LouiseВ Finch. В YouВ broughtВ usВ someВ hickoryВ nutsВ oneВ time, В remember? 'В IВ beganВ toВ senseВ theВ futilityВ oneВ feelsВ byВ aВ chanceВ acquaintance” (LeeВ 205). В ThisВ concludesВ thatВ Mr. В CunninghamВ wasВ tooВ embarrassedВ toВ doВ orВ sayВ anythingВ meanВ inВ frontВ ofВ aВ childВ thatВ isВ soВ innocentВ andВ curious. В ScoutВ triesВ toВ beВ friendlyВ butВ Mr. В CunninghamВ isВ tooВ angryВ toВ beВ niceВ back. В LeeВ alsoВ emphasizesВ thatВ theВ characterВ traitsВ ofВ ScoutВ movedВ theВ charactersВ atВ theВ jailВ sceneВ whenВ heВ illustrates, В " ‘GoВ home, В Jem, 'В heВ saidВ takeВ ScoutВ andВ DillВ residence. 'В WeВ wereВ accustomedВ toВ theВ prompt, В ifВ notВ alwaysВ cheerfulВ acquiescenceВ toВ Atticus'sВ instructions, В butВ fromВ theВ wayВ heВ stood, В JemВ В wasВ notВ thinkingВ ofВ budging.  ‘GoВ homeВ IВ said'В (LeeВ 201). В ThisВ illustratesВ thatВ JemВ couldВ tellВ thatВ hisВ fatherВ wasВ worriedВ andВ wasВ curiousВ toВ findВ outВ whatВ wasВ goingВ on. В JemВ couldВ haveВ alsoВ sensedВ thatВ hisВ fatherВ wasВ inВ dangerВ soВ stayingВ putВ wasВ anВ actВ ofВ loyalty. В InВ theВ novel, В LeeВ usesВ theВ characterВ traitsВ ofВ ScoutВ andВ JemВ toВ presentВ theВ idea. В


In ​

To Kill a Mockingbird​

, В theВ authorВ usesВ theВ settingВ toВ formВ theВ theme. В LeeВ notesВ howВ...



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