----Bread is a meals made from lots of plant substances that are ground into flour, mixed with normal water into cash and is generally baked in loaves or perhaps cakes. You will find two types of selling the merchandise in a bakeshop: selling by simply displaying the bread similar to Jelexie, Gerties and Butterworld, and delivering the breads like Cindys what does. At the beginning of Christian Era, Bread has spread to all regions of the world. Man has been making bread of some kinds since the last Ice Age. It was accustomed to pay their workers and also to serve as surrender to the Gods. Others likewise used bread in religious ceremonies. Today in our modern day world, bread is important in most of our cultures. In our country, undoubtedly, pan-de-sal is the most desired in all conditions. It presents breakfast and snacks by least to the people who choose bread than junk foods. Food handling business is the best place to look for a number of bread that satisfies your hunger. There are a great number of bakeries that we may find in every corner of your country, everywhere we take a look always be the presence of bakery especially to those locations where population are in large number.

Chapter 4


This chapter presents, evaluate and expresses the studies of received through the info gathering tools it reveals the locating obtained around the business profile, present the marketing strategies utilized by the Neighborhood Bakeries in Tarlac Metropolis as to goods, places, value, promotion, procedure strategy and problems came across in the business.

1 ) Business Account

The business profile shows the sort of ownership, a lot of existence, quantity of employees, initial and preset capitalization of the business.

1 ) 1Type of Ownership

As to control shows that two (2) or twenty percent (20%) of the businesses were structured as a only proprietorship and partnership and three (3) or 60 % (60%) was organized while corporation.

The respondents prefer a company type of business because it is better to organize and manage by making use of their organization partners as compared with other kind of business possession.

1 . two years of Existence

The study likewise took into mind the year lifestyle of the business or how much time the business will exist. Stand 1

Numerous years of Existence


Years of ExistenceFrequency (f)Percentage (%)

1-5 years120%

6-10 years00

11-15 years00

16-20 years00

21 above480%


Desk 1 implies that one (1) or 20% (20%) with the respondents have already been operating for one to five years (1-5 years) and four (4) or 80 percent (80%) of the participants have been functioning for 21 years old years and above (21 years above). It reveals that organization is in adult life stage and relatively known in the city

1 . 3 Volume of Employees

Stand 2

Range of employees


Number of employeesFrequency (f)Percentage (%)

1-5 employees420%

6-10 employees180%

Out of five (5) participants, four (4) or eighty percent (80%) have one (1) to five (5) personnel and one particular (1) or twenty percent (20%) of the participants have half a dozen (6) to ten (10) employees. The majority of the employees conduct tasks while cashiers, product sales, clerk, bakers and services crews of the business.

It implies that many of these establishments hired more personnel to accommodate and also to serve buyers while some have just enough number of employees to cater the needs of their customers.

1 . 4 Increased

1 . 5. 1 First Capital

It was a little while until into consideration of the capitalization in the local bakeries. The desk indicates the first capital and present capital of the participants.

Table several

Initial Capital


Preliminary capital

Consistency (f)

Percentage (%)

100, 000 to 500, 000240%

500, 500 to 1, 500, 000360%

you, 000, 000 to above00


Table 2 shows the runs of initial capital of two participants. The data demonstrates that two (2) out of five (5) or perhaps forty percent (40%) with the respondents invested their...



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