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The Foundations of your Compensation Approach

Anna Martin

BUS 434 Compensation and Benefits Management

Instructor Steven Foster

Feb . 11, 2013

The Footings of a Settlement Strategy

Settlement strategy includes approximately four components a company must have set up to become or remain competitive in the global economy. This very closely pertains to the company's organizational strategy overall. " To assure accomplishment of organizational approach begins with determining (1) the work that needs to be performed simply by some function unit or perhaps individual, (2) the types and levels of knowledge and skill necessary, (3) the standard of people had to promote company success, and (4) the rewards the business can offer to its associates that showcase a work lifestyle that guarantees accomplishment of organizational strategy” (Henderson, 2006, p. 5). The most effective settlement strategy is definitely one that develops a clear hyperlink between the pursuing components: task description, performance evaluation, inside salary evaluation and external salary study.

Work description is definitely " a written statement of what an employee is definitely expected to carry out, how it truly is done, and why it can be done” (Job Description, 2003). This part derives in the process of task analysis that involves identifying and describing what goes on on a work using a range of methods to collect data. The information determines doing work conditions, task specifics, necessary tasks plus the required knowledge and skills essential to executing them and employee work performance. This kind of leads all of us to overall performance evaluation which is also known as performance appraisal. The performance appraisal is " the process whereby the contributions and outcomes achieved by each employee will be recognized and measured then used to transform or alter the advantages to be distributed around each employee” (Henderson, 06\, p. 310). This fundamentally determines if an employee is to receive a increase or different compensation as directly associated with his/her...

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