The Strength and Weaknesses from the Stock Management System of the BDU

п»ї1 Introduction

First of all we want to introduce the overall idea of the machine that we will certainly develop. This is certainly a few about the share and inventory management system in Bahirdar University. As technology progresses, fresh applications arise replacing elderly, less successful and less powerful ones. Because all other corporation, the inventory management system on non renewable part in the Bahirdar School has its own standard, mission, declaration, vision, power, duties and other kind of opinions. According to the over we make an effort to mention BDU has distinct kind of system such as catalogue system, registrar system, and stock management and so on. Yet we are going to develop the system in non renewable part of inventory and inventory management system. The latest system possesses its own strength and weakness, with current program those customers that have not get internet works extremely well by by hand. This is power that we will be identifying from your current system. The current system has more some weakness when compared to their strength. A number of the weaknesses will be the customer holds back long time to get services

The customer spend a lot of time due to queue

A whole lot of newspaper work has to be done in a storing process which waste products a lot of time, paper and origin. The product inside the warehouse can be not arranged properly and this will make life harder to get the right product in particular time. 1 . 1 Doc Purpose

This project purpose is to increase the previous system, which is manual stock and inventory program. Our system can be new, computerized, and easy to work with. We started out this task with only one purpose that may be making quickly and great working program within BDU store.

1 ) 2 Range of the job

The scope in the project is confined within study, research, design and implementation part of inventory management system in Bahirdar University. This consists of: Study with the existing inventory management system for Bahirdar College or university. Investigation with the drawbacks from the existing manual stock program. Analyze the functional and non-functional requirements of the system. Implement the modern system applying java or C++ strategies

When we indicate these, our system is concerned with not total functionality in the stock management in general nonetheless it concerned simply to non green part of the share management system in Bahirdar University.

1 . a few Intended Viewers and Record Overview

1 ) Store owner

Material enrollment

Material distribution

Check receipts

Search existing components file's

Check items available in store

2 . Designer

Shop keepers: - this person is definitely assigned to control all activities in BDU store. They have their own work division in there, such as putting, checking, eliminating and changing items facts

2 . Total Description

2 . 1 Product Perspective

In previous stock system there is absolutely no computerized function system, Consequently , we planning a new and self contained computerized program to assist in the inventory system of BDU as rebuilt system.


Fig 2 . 1 overview of the program

2 . two Product Functionality

By the current inventory system store kipper can control all things in store simply by manually. In this system he/she register new items, verify expiry things, check done items, & prepare studies weekly, regular monthly & every year. But all those responsibilities are given for retail outlet keeper & the system is difficult b/c it is manual system, so many concerns can happens rather than use of system, including time dropping, less secureness and others. Our bodies can enjoy big move to simplify all those challenges. It has subsequent main capabilities

consuming period

minimize difficultness load of

develops electronic recordable system

to prepare time reports

2 . three or more Users and Characteristics

In SMS (stock management system) the user...



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