The samsung company China


September 12, 2002

BUS 610 (Man. Econ. )

J. Suyderhoud, Instr.


Alex H.

Brandon M.

Chandra H.

Rajesh B.

Stuart W.


Low-Med endBarriers to Entrance: Barriers to Entry:

Financial systems of ScaleHighEconomies of ScaleHigh

Product DifferentiationLowProduct DifferentiationMed

Capital RequirementsHighCapital RequirementsHigh

Access to division ChannelsHighAccess to distribution ChannelsHigh

Cost disadvantages Independent of ScaleMedCost cons Independent of ScaleMed

Federal government PolicyMedGovernment PolicyMed

Expected RetaliationHighExpected RetaliationHigh

The Entry Removing PriceMedThe Access Deterring PriceHigh High-EndBarriers to Entry: Limitations to Admittance:

Economies of ScaleHighEconomies of ScaleHigh

Merchandise DifferentiationHighProduct DifferentiationHigh

Capital RequirementsHighCapital RequirementsHigh

Access to distribution ChannelsHighAccess to division ChannelsHigh

Price disadvantages Independent of ScaleHighCost disadvantages Self-employed of ScaleHigh

Government PolicyMedGovernment PolicyMed

Expected RetaliationLowExpected RetaliationHigh

The Access Deterring PriceLowThe Entry Removing PriceLow My spouse and i. Threat of Entry


Economies of ScaleHighNecessary to make high volume in order to be rewarding Product DifferentiationHighThe brand and quality recognized with the brand are important in this market Capital RequirementsHighNeed significant amount of investment to enter the market Use of distribution ChannelsHighThe Chinese marketplace is structured in a manner that makes it challenging to gain access to syndication channels. You require a high division rate to be able to succeed in the forex market Cost drawbacks Independent of ScaleHighTechnology plus the learning competition creates excessive barriers Authorities PolicyMedGovernment plan is scored medium, because although they encourage foreign investments, the mandatory five-day workweek would create over-employment. Expected RetaliationHighSony and Matsushita, controlling 74% of the segment with experience, are required to get back fiercely. The Entry Removing PriceLowForeign brands command a premium over the home-based. The access price is attractive to new entrants because of excessive profit margins. Based on the table above, the barriers to entry for the high-end/urban market seem to be very high. To illustrate, in the table above, the high-end/urban portion of the matrix refers to 29-inch unit color TELEVISION SET. In this area, the majority of the determinants will be rated like a high admittance barrier. Govt policy can be rated method, as although they encourage international investments, the mandatory five-day workweek would create over-employment. Volvo and Matsushita, controlling 75% of the part with experience, are expected to retaliate fiercely. The only positive, the entry-deterring selling price, is attractive while foreign brands currently control a premium as well as the urban dwellers have the required income levels. In view of the cons outweighing the pros, we find that the potential customers of profitability for making and selling the 29-inch TV SET in China are low based on Porter's Threat of Entry power. The main grid below can be described as breakdown in the threats to entry to get the High end Urban portion of the industry.


Low-Med endBargaining Power of Suppliers: Bargaining Power of Suppliers:



Raw MaterialsMedRaw MaterialsMed

High-EndBargaining Power of Suppliers: Bargaining Power of Suppliers:



Raw MaterialsMedRaw MaterialsLow

2. Bargaining Power Suppliers

Our group discovered that details relating to the bargaining power of Suppliers was limited. However , we thought that for all those segments, the worker's negotiating power, capital and access to raw materials had been medium to low. We all arrived at this conclusion because...



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