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|Chapter six - Relatives Law and Violence against Women | |Death | |When a person drops dead, the relatives must survey the fatality to the Registrar of Births and Deaths. They must do that as soon as the | |family gets a death certificate from your doctor. Legislation says that: | |if the loss of life happens in a city or a town, the death certificate must be handed to the Archivar within 24 hours | |if the death happens in a country area, the loss of life certificate should be handed towards the Registrar within just 14 days | |As soon as the Registrar is content that every thing is in buy, he or she gives the family members a burial order. This can be a | |certificate that says the useless person can be buried. Generally a burial cannot occur without a funeral order. | |The relatives must also statement the loss of life to the Learn of the Excessive Court within just 14 days. | |See Winding up a dead person's estate | |When people die, their things and home are given to people called their heirs. These are generally usually members of their | |family. The way this is completed depends on set up dead person left a will. A will is actually a document aiming how someone| |wants to talk about out her or his property after death. | |The home a dead person leaves is referred to as an real estate. | |See Winding up a dead individual's estate | | | |Dying with no will | |When a person passes away without departing a will, the law according to the person passed away 'intestate'. What the law states of intestate succession can be followed| |in dividing up his or her home. | |If a hitched person dead intestate, her or his property is definitely shared equally by the other spouse and the children. There are | |complicated rules for who provides the property if the dead person leaves not any spouse or children. You should ask an attorney or legal | |advice centre for advice with this. If the deceased person leaves no bloodstream relatives at all, the property is going to the govt. | |If a couple are married in respect to Photography equipment customary legislation, there are distinct rules when the head with the household passes away | |intestate. The most ancient son of the senior partner (or his son or grandson in the event that he is dead) usually takes over as head of the home. | |BUT the relevant government Minister know the family must follow the ordinary law rather than customary regulation, to be good to the| |dead man's wives and children. The reason is , the man who also takes over since head may well not carry out his legal tasks. | | | |Dying with a can | |It is important for people to make legal documents. In a can people can say what they want to occur to their home after they expire. | |Any person over the age of 16 can produce a will, as long as they find out and determine what they are performing. In a are you going to can leave | |your property to anyone you wish - girlfriends or wives, husbands, kids,...



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