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Globe is the third planet inside the solar system, the planet has been created since four. 54 billion years ago. Every planet in the solar system it is just earth that we know possess living animal inside because the condition of the planet is the most likely place to get living monster can live inside in this world. The first life creature live in earth is about 3. 8 until 3. 5 billion years ago. 3. six billion in years past the bio-genic is found since the evidence of living creature in the the planet, the metasediment rocks discovered in Western Greenland. In 3. 48 billion years ago microbes mat fossils has found in Western Sydney. After the initial life animal live in the entire world it is evolve continuously so far become the creature that we can easily se today including all of us one of the monster that evolve from the new the life creature live in this earth. All the creature now start from creature, plants until us may be the evolution of earth animal. A. Reason for Study

1 . To know the history of earth

2 . To find out what regarding earth have been pass


The Theory of Forming with the Earth

There may be many theory of forming the earth by many scientists. Every scientists continues to be try to break the puzzle about the planet earth. Just like George Louis Leelere Comte sobre Buffon that creat the theory of ato weebar's hood, or Forest Ray Multon by his theory Planetisimal. The each of the theory would be discuss in below: 1 ) Ato Weebar's Hood

Ato Weebar's Cover is a theory that developed by George Louis Leelere Comte sobre Buffon. This individual said that the planet is created by collision involving the sun and a comet that cause the part of sun bouncing out and become a planet. 2 . Laplace

The Laplace theory is learned by a master of math and astronomy from italy called Pierre Simon Marquis de Laplace in 1796. He said that earth is made by bunch of popular gas which spining in it's axis, than it really is become rings. The half of the ring happen to be bouncing out and keep spining. The gas ring that spining will probably be freeze and having wads just like ball which will become entire world including the globe. 3. Planetisimal

The Laplace theory is usually discovered by simply Forest Ray Multon a master of yankee astronomy great partner To. C Chamberlain a learn of geology which informed that sunlight is form by gas with big mass, in a single time it truly is approached by another star which pass the sun by the high speed. When the star passing the sun and their space is usually relative close, than the section of the sun is bouncing out because of the gravity of the celebrity that just passing. Fault the start returned out to the star line but addititionally there is the part spining the sun as a result of gravity. After the star receiving far, the mass of gas which usually spining sunlight become freez and the ring created become solid and called while planetisimal. Several planetisimal which created will probably be merge turn into one along with that it could become a world, including the planet

4. Weizsaecker

The Theory of Weizsaecker by simply C. Vonseiten Weizsaecker, a master of jerman astronomy said that from the beginning sun is usually surrounded by the mass of gas. Fault gas include light component, hidrogen and helium. As a result of heat of sun is very high, compared to the light component evaporated for the sky, as well as the weight element stay and clot. This is will pull the other element in the atmosphere and evolution become the planets including the planet.

From the theory that has been told by many researchers we know that the environment is range from sun. How ever even the planet is made by the same way from the sunshine but globe is the simply planet which have living beast.

History of The planet

As far as we all know earth may be the only brand name the living creature inside the universe. To know why it is rather special we need to see in the first the planet created 1 . Before The planet (5-4, 5 Billion years ago)

However the theory can be can not be correct,...



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