The Cost and Benefits associated with Biofuel to get Society

There are generally three positive aspects once the city implements the biofuel as one of the energy sources. Firstly, the rendering of biofuels can help people to combat against the at any time rising petrol prices and minimize the dependency on gasoline. As the traditional energy sources including fossil fuels, coal and natural gas will be used in the near future, the costs of gas keep rising for the recent years in a way that it has become an additional burden to get the public to stand for this sort of high olive oil prices. With the introduction of biofuel in Hong Kong, the population can choose biological carbon fuel as alternatives to gas and diesel with affordable prices. Since biological carbon fuel can be created from agricultural waste products, food waste materials, and dried out manure which are cheap and readily supplied, as a result, the prices of biofuels become more competitive to gas and, with increased choices, the general public can reduce their reliance on gas and diesel.

Secondly, biological carbon fuel are more green energy sources when compared with conventional powers. As biomass-based energy sources happen to be potentially co2 neutral and recycle a similar carbon atoms in the environment (Demirbas, 2008). That is, the carbon content material of the biomass comes from the living organisms, once the carbon content is usually released into the atmosphere, it can be re-absorbed again by living organism through photosynthesis and hence it varieties a co2 cycle without net launch of co2 content to the atmosphere. Moreover, biofuels contain much lower sulphur content than that of gasoline and diesel-powered such that the use of biofuel none leads to polluting of nor around the world.

Thirdly, being a renewable energy, biological carbon fuel provide substantial sustainable energy resources to the society. Considering that the availability of biomass resources is definitely widely propagate, for example , biomass resources can be obtained from meals, plant concerns, agricultural wastes and living organisms, although these solutions are also renewable resources whose rate of production is definitely faster...



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