The Aventure of the Red Tape Gang

Escapades of the Bureaucracy Gang are a mystery book. It was write in the United States of America in 1974 by Joan Lowery Nixon, the lady was born in February a few of 1927 in Oregon, California, Usa she was an American reporter and writer, specializing in historical fiction and mysteries for children and adults. Then Joan Lowery Nixon is the only four-time success of the Mystery Writers of America Edgar Allan Poe Award and a two-time winner with the California Young Reader Medal. She passed away in June 23, the year 2003. The story begin in a place in Los Angeles in the middle of 1974, all the history will probably be narrated for Michael this is the main character in that publication. One day Michael was discussing with his relatives when he said them a single morning the crime price in La because in those moments the city was suffering a large number of problems with the delinquency. Michael desired to build one clubhouse with Tommy and Jimmy, Leroy, Dorothy and Hermosa Jean that was a person who always liked to take the best risks in adventures of gang. Michael's fathers every day liked to read the magazines; he was incredibly informed about the functions that were transferring in the city. Especially in these day developed some concerns near in the Michael's house and his crimson gang just like they named their group decided to investigate the origin of problems, these were very informed with the information of magazine that Michael's father acquired. Problems have been in a property that was near in the clubhouse and so they wanted to fix problems. They will one nighttime went to examine what was occurring over there because in the newspaper was announcement a large number of bad serves. They appeared to the property that was alone, no person lived in that house, that they saw by the window what had inside, but they just saw that inside simply had 1 little mild, they decided to return to all their clubhouse and to make a plan to be checking in different days and nights what was going on there. Times later they saw a person outside the home but he looked strange...



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