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Activity Sheet No . 5

Classroom Hand outs

Name of FS Pupil: Payang, Rachelyn F. Time: September 3, 2013 Study course: BSED English language Year and Section: BSED 3C

Concentrate on Competency

At the conclusion of this activity, the FS student will be able to prepare training materials which have been appropriate for the learning content material.

Specific Responsibilities

1 . Prepare handouts intended for selected topic.

2 . Explain your handouts.

3. Present the handouts.

Objectives: At the conclusion of the lessons, the students will be able to: 1 . Define public speaking

installment payments on your Understand how interaction process works

3. Name, enumerate, and describe the factors in effective speaking in public 4. Apply the skills and techniques in public speaking

What Speaking in public Involves

Precisely what is Public Speaking?

A lot of definitions of public speaking:

Speaking in public is speech-making before a big body of audience within a formal scenario wherein you, the presenter, display your talents pertaining to eloquence and oratory. Public speaking is connection of suggestions using words and phrases and activities to let others know what is happening in your head. Public speaking is a form of art of facing a group of people and communicating to them your opinions and feelings by means of effective speech. Formal presentations is direct communication with the audience – the creation of an idea in other heads through the stimuli of words and phrases, facial movement, and movements. Public speaking is known as a process of conveying ideas, of sharing thoughts and details, of causing understanding.

How Does Public Speaking as being a Communication Process Work?

Most effective explanation of how communication functions is this: when you speak, you are an information source. Your voice is a transmitter that sends out your words or perhaps messages. Since words travel through air, air becomes the channel of communication. Someone, a receiver, hears your voice and communication may then take place. If the message is transmitted to your listener and also you receive some type of response, you get feedback and you simply know you are connecting effectively, when there is no response or response whatsoever on the part of your audience, then you understand that your attempt at communication offers fouled up. Interference offers prevented successful communication.

Successful communication depends upon how very well or how clearly symbolism are distributed. Ineffective connection occurs when meanings are merely partially shared or overlooked altogether. Your communication works well when your receiver interprets the message because you intended this to be viewed.

What Elements Make Up Successful Public Speaking?

Presentation does not can be found in remoteness but is out there between speaker and audience bound with a common prefer to exchange tips consequently, the required requirements within a speech act are: A SPEAKER, AN AUDIENCE, and AN OCCASION.

1 . Persona. Personality can be one component we cannot overlook inside the training of any person as being a public speaker to get his personality determines his speech.

The final amount of all the physical, mental, and psychological traits. Character is not just a matter of elevation, color, form, etc ., although a progress all traits of an specific.

Characteristics or perhaps Traits of the Successful Loudspeaker:

a. Personal grooming. The speaker's appearance has very much to do with how well he will be received by his audience. n. Attitudes. It is necessary in public speaking for they greatly affect addition in conversation.

Remember that a group detests a " filled shirt. ” Therefore , become natural in order to encourage your audience to get while close to you as is possible.

2 . Brains. No matter how very much self-confidence or self-assurance a speaker offers, if this individual does not incorporate some measure of cleverness, his community appearance as a speaker will be completely quick and a failure.

a. Good sense – this...



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