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Medicines Company

To: Board of Management, Medicines Company

From: Clive Meanwell, Chief executive and CEO, Medicines Business

Date: seventeenth Dec 2150

Subject: Recommendation on costs strategy for Angiomax _________________________________________________________________________________________ Comments: Finding a income opportunity is a form of art. And Medicines Company grows upon this unique idea of producing abandoned medications which have some staying value intended for the market. The type of drug is definitely Angiomax the industry blood loss drug or anticoagulant. Major causes for selecting Angiomax were its effectiveness more than existing medicine Heparin, another alternative to the only drug Heparin available for angioplasty and the expense to produce the Angiomax could possibly be reduced to half making it economically practical business. Following getting FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION approval, the management panel of Medications Company is definitely facing go to market pricing issues with Angiomax and their inability to come up with the right price intended for the medicine. The main reason intended for the current prices problem is already existing widely used competition drug Heparin, which is charged only by $2/dose. In order to position Angiomax in the market Medications Company need to analyse the advantages and economic value in comparison to Heparin. First of all it is very important that we evaluate the two items, Heparin and Angiomax. Some of the shortcoming of using Heparin involved its unpredictability demanding close monitoring of the patients. Some people have large incidence of uncontrolled blood loss. The window of dosage differs throughout patients and across period leading to larger dose abuse of Heparin. Heparin is likewise associated with side effects in 2-3% patients creating fatal heparin-induced thrombocytopenia. In contrasts, associated with Angiomax are accurate Suggestion:



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