Stephen Tyung Mather

Stephen Tyng Mather (1867-1930)

Stephen Tyng Mather was an industrialist and conservationist. He was reputed for his attempts to protect nationwide parks. In his life time Mather had jobs as a businessman, a paper reporter, a naturalist, co-founder of the Thorkildsen-Mather Borax Business, and the 1st director in the National Area Service. Stephen was born in San Francisco, Washington dc on July 4th, 1868 to Joseph Mather and Berth Jemima Walker. He received his education on the private Boys' High School in San Francisco and graduated from your University of California by Berkeley. There, Mather attained his Bachelors of Words Degree. This individual and his family members moved to New York and performed as a media reporter for a paper called the brand new York Sun until 1893. While functioning there, he met one other reporter named Robert Yard and they started to be good friends. Garden was his best gentleman in Mather's marriage in 1893 to Jane Thacker and later Mather and Thacker have a daughter in whose name is definitely Bertha Floy Mather. Five years later on, he helped Thomas Thorkildsen found a borax firm. Borax can be used in in particular, cosmetics, teeth enamel glaze, so that as a texturing agent in cooking. However , Stephen was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and did not sign up for Thomas a lot of the time until 1904. This company made them millionaires in 1914. Mather often had an affinity for nature. When he traveled along with his wife to Europe in 1904, his interests in nature had been re-strengthened. Having seen the many public parks there, Mather wanted to conserve areas of parkland in the United States and protect all their resources plus the natural areas. He became a conservationist and a buddy of David Muir, one other conservationist. Mather's view on preservation was that character should be safeguarded and all of the National recreational areas should not be exploited. His philosophy stated why these parks were meant to serve higher reasons. Later, this individual became a member of the Sierra Golf club. The Serrania Club is one of the oldest and largest grassroots environment...

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