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iology twenty-four marks – Using materials from item 2b and elsewhere measure the Marxist view that the main role from the family is to serve the interests of capitalism. Marxists theory can be described as conflict theory; they believe that people live in a capitalist contemporary society and that the family is all about offering the pursuits of capitalism. According to the Marxists, our culture is largely affected by prosperity. They believe that big businesses help capitalists because many the money should go towards these people. Also, the moment big business owners have children the business is going to pass down to them this means the wealthy will stay abundant and the poor will stay poor as it is more difficult for them to get a good change. Middle section and decrease class individuals are taught in schools the principles and how to admiration the higher class. This helps the Marxist theory mainly because it shows how the family does help the interests of capitalism. Also, Engels argued the fact that family developed so that males were sure to have paternity, we see this through how marriage enables control over a woman's intimate role. A few functionalists would say that the family gives key features for contemporary society but the Marxist might be neglecting the benefits of many of these functions. An additional function Is usually education. This supports the capitalists as more wealthy children could possibly get better education and better recourses which usually helps them become more good and have a much better chance for succeeding with businesses and so forth But reduce class and middle course children simply get regular education which will puts all of them behind the moment trying to get a job. Also all the resource's employed in schools will be bought from retailers which will also help the owner and help sustain the capitalist society. The family is praised for its large use of consumer goods. A sociologist referred to as Zaretsky says that unpaid domestic work and the is a large device of usage. For example , Family members are targeted by the media when it comes to advertising to buy goods. The relatives also shows comfort to those who...



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