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Everyday situations and the consequences can effect our daily lives. The significance and timing of your event may have a lasting impression on ones future. Looking introspectively in your past will help create a map for how you approach your daily life and the actions you have taken that shifted you within a certain path. Sometimes the road you get has many hard moments, but what you do with those moments help form who you are. After i was eleven years old my mate Katie shed her battle with a rare type of cancer, Neuroblastoma. To be thus young and call at your best friend have trouble with cancer was something that improved me forever. Her condition went on for 2 years and during that time I used to be her good friend and playmate and put in countless hours at the children's medical center. My trips had such an impact on Katie. Her mother would constantly thank me for browsing Katie and tell me how her mood was richer when I was there. Working with Katie's condition at such a young era made me look at life because fragile together me pondering more deeply with what is important, the things i care about, and what kind of person I have to be.

?nternet site got more mature I wanted to generate a difference, thus i developed an application to " give back” in honor of Katie. I searched various hospitals and agencies to decide just how best to support seriously sick children. Throughout the Ronald McDonald House by Stanford and my High school graduation, I began a membership called Teenagers for Ronald McDonald House. The membership raised funds and put about events at the Ronald McDonald House in Palo Alto. The events were designed to let teenagers to interact in everyday teenage activities. Typical events included: Stanford football video games, Spa Days and nights, Movies and Games Days and nights. Giving back and watching the teenagers and their families loosen up and be relaxed from their medical challenges was very rewarding. It was vital that you me to guarantee the club continuing after I remaining high school and i also am very happy to say the golf club lives on. Just a couple of years later on I was clinically diagnosed...



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