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п»їLevel 6 Interaction

Interactions two Listening exercises

Homework due Thursday, October several

Interactions a couple of, Chapter 1: Listening physical exercises

Note: In the event that an assigned physical exercise says to obtain with a partner, you are able to complete that on your own, having a friend via class, or perhaps with somebody who echoes English additionally level you are doing.

Part one particular: Pages 4-9

Do all of the listening exercises (marked with a headphone icon) using your textbook CD.

Today do the pursuing listening physical exercises for Part 1 on the textbook web page.

1 . Type the following very carefully into your Net address pub: Note: Every " 0”is a zero (number). The lines between " information” and " center” and " center” and " view” are underscores.

2 . On the left side, you will see a box that says " Online Learning Center. ” In that field, > Click on the blue terms " College student Edition. ”

3. Start your computer loudspeakers or put on your headphones.

4. In the higher left corner, > select " Pick a Chapter. ” Choose Part 1 . (a) > Click " Certain Information. ”

Listen to the conversation by clicking on the blue words and phrases near the leading. Answer the questions.

At the lower correct, > click on Submit Answers

1 . Look at your answers. If you made faults, listen and answer once again. Try for 100%! 2 . At the bottom, underneath " Email your effects, ” complete your name. 3. Next to " Section ID, ” put " Communication six. ”

5. Email the results to the PCC email and to me personally: sara. [email protected] edu. (b) > Select Email the results

Continue with Meaning by Context, Language, and Anxious Words. For every single one:

1 ) Listen first (there is no listening to get the " Vocabulary” section). 2 . Look at your answers. In case you made errors, listen and answer again. 3. In the bottom, under " Routing Info, ” complete your name. 4. Next to " Section ID, ” put " Communication six. ”

5. Email the results to your PCC email and to myself: sara. [email protected] edu. six. > Click...



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