Once upon an occasion there was a guy called Oaky. He was a silly man and this individual came from a silly area. On this day time he found a package of Emeralds, but not known to him they were Blood Emeralds! Oaky, not knowing this tidbit ended up spending the Emeralds everywhere until 1 day he is arrested by the villager police to get using these emeralds. In prison he got to satisfy all sorts of new comers and even received a prison printer ink! In memory of his mother; this tattoo was put on him by warden, Jeremiah Bullfrog; He enjoyed to printer ink the newcomers. The skin icon looked like a cross among a pentagram, the number 37, a pigeon on fire as well as the Black Direccion symbol. This kind of shape appeared just like his first macaroni art that his mommy throw away, now he lives happily at any time after using a swarm of prison bitches…or so all of us thought. To get continued …

After fifty-five years of becoming in prison oaky chose to set out on an epic experience to seek the truly great prophet Muffiniqua; Oaky desired to see if she had any idea who have the real robber who stole those emeralds so long before was. Oaky decided to start with to head back in his home town wentolé to see if anybody he knew was still alive. As it was about a five day walk from Berryville to his home he had to stop by the local trading post for some supplies. In the trading content Oaky realized that all the people looked unfortunate he asked a young lady that performed at the trading post named Mavis for what reason everyone viewed so straight down. Mavis told him that their wonderful Fuhrer Alr raised the tax once again, now no-one was able to get the goods that they needed. This was a big problem for oaky as he had little money to begin with.

To become continued…



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