Rhetorical Evaluation of 102 Minutes

Research: " The towers stood like large sails with the foot of Manhattan Isle, with every single face designed to absorb a hurricane of 140 miles per hour. Wind load on an ordinary working day was 25 times higher than the pressure of the airplane that would strike it about September eleven. The mass of the tower system was you, 000 moments greater than the jet's. Provided the absolute bulk of the towers, it had been not surprising the fact that building continuing to stand after the planes hit. ” p. 40, End of first passage

Rhetorical Analysis: In 102 Minutes, the authors Dwyer and Flynn signify the irony of the situations that came about on Sept. 2010 11th, 2001. Through the two authors' utilization of diction and syntax, the World Trade Middle is made to appear like an almost immortals mass in New York City, though the reader already knows that the Towers chop down. Described being able " to absorb a hurricane of 140 a long way per hour, ” Dwyer and Flynn instantly set up their social comments, as every reading the novel have found that the tragic irony that what was regarded as indestructible was really extremely delicate. The image with the Towers " absorbing” a " 150 mile each hour hurricane” is important to understanding how everyone, such as the authorities, believed the World Trade Center could handle an attack, regardless of how large scale. Furthermore, Dwyer and Flynn use tone to greater ensure that the reader realise why certain precautionary measures may well not have been used long before the attacks that occurred within the fateful day time of Sept. 2010 11.



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