Rent by the Ole Miss Theatre: Critical Research

Dance Review


I went and watched the play Rent which was offered by the Ole Miss Theater. The efficiency was held in the Gertrude C. Ford Middle for the Performing Arts on Thurs night November 12, 2011. Lease is a mountain musical that tells the storyplot of a band of friends plus the struggles each of them encounter in the duration of one 12 months. Each persona is either battling life, love, or AIDS and they challenge this issue through the entire course of the play. The play can be intriguing from the point of view that it shows the audience just how much can actually enhancements made on just one short year. The performance uses the signals, costumes, and movements from the characters to help the plan and explain the story. The orchestra during this play is definitely located on stage which was very enjoyable. This made the scenes more intense and it captivated the audience. The stairs and props that constructed the stage really converted the Ford Center to make the audience feel as if they may be on the roads of New York's Lower East Side. The lights went from staying very darkish to extremely bright depending on scene which in turn made the group feel the disposition that was supposed to be described by the heroes at that point. The characters dressed in street clothes instead of " costumes” per say which made the play a lot more believable and stay faithful to the story. 3 scenes that I really appreciated and that I actually felt really explained the play well were " Rent”, " Tango Maureen”, and " La Compete Boheme/I Should Tell You. ”

The first field I especially enjoyed was " Lease. ” This kind of part of the enjoy was if the characters will be proclaiming that they can be not going to shell out rent! They will seem frustrated even seeing that it is very near to the beginning of the perform. This scene was really presumptive and everything the appearance added to the believability of computer. The lamps were usual, not as well light and not too dark. The costumes definitely added a lot as well The characters were dressed up in their...



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