Unit 6 Task 3

Unit 6th Assignment a few

Duane Swarts

ITT Specialized Institute

Group Theory SP2750

Mrs. Meadowlark

4 February 2014

Social exchange theory suggests that social behavior is the result of a great exchange procedure. The purpose of this exchange should be to maximize benefits and minimize costs. In accordance to this theory, people consider the potential benefits and hazards of sociable relationships. If the risks outweigh the returns, people will terminate or abandon that relationship. Social exchange theory suggests that we all essentially take the benefits and minus the costs in order to figure out how much a relationship will be worth. Positive human relationships are individuals in which the benefits outweigh the cost, while unfavorable relationships take place when the costs are higher than the benefits. The same goes to everyone when they are in a group setting. How we interact in a group setting always be the same as the specific conversation or perhaps it can be totally different with a very wide range of reason down to and including the group around them. 1 ) People who are involved in interaction happen to be rationally aiming to maximize profits (Could this kind of be a self-centered view of human nature? ). 2 . Many gratification between humans is found in what?

several. Why is it far better to understand this sort of theories and how is it beneficial to companies? four. People are logical and estimate the best possible means to compete in rewarding circumstances, why? five. People are aim oriented in a freely competitive system, so why? Exchange runs within ethnical norms, and social credit rating is preferable to sociable indebtedness. The chinese language of Sociable Exchange theory betrays the assumption that we are all in it pertaining to ourselves. The fundamental formula intended for predicting the behaviour for any correctly socialized specific in any situation is: Patterns (Profits) sama dengan Rewards of interaction - Costs of Interaction.

George Homans shown a concept of social habit that was based on exchange. He presented the notion that exchanges are not limited to...



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