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This paper elaborates the different management factors practiced in Ceylon Smoking cigarettes Company (CTC) and DHL Keells. The facets discussed in detail will probably be Planning, Getting, Leading and Controlling. The key strengths and weaknesses of both organisations are discovered and mentioned on how this touches the internal and the external factors impacting their primary business. The organisation's Vision, Mission, Critical Successful Factors are deliberated in order to come up with specific suggestions to defeat their current business problems. Moreover, the important thing improvements for both organisations are recommended with their particular outputs and outcomes. The supporting information will be analysed using orientations from the popular writer, Rich L Daft sourcing coming from his catalogs Leadership and Principles of Management to obtain more clarity for the aspects all of us wish to stress all through the entire paper. The flow with the paper is given below to obtain more clarity within the facets all of us wish to emphasis all throughout this exercise. * Introduction to the two selected organisations

2. Analysis of the four important managerial features

5. SWOT research for both equally organisations

2. Recommendations

1 ) 1 For what reason CTC and DHL Keells?

The important thing reasons to choose CTC and DHL are definitely the similarities that they share when it comes to size, control, culture, earnings and leads generation. Globally, BAT had income of $87. 22 billion dollars in 2009, and DHL's earnings was $62. 8 billion in 2009. The similarities happen to be listed below;

* Subsidiaries of significant successful multinational companies * Both mom companies are classified by international share exchanges (BAT- London Stock Exchange, DHL – German Stock Exchange) which has a reputed local establishment 2. The size of the organisation is around 300+ employees each 2. Owns a significant global market share

* CTC maintains a global market share of 15% inside the tobacco market while DHL's share in the courier sector is 4%. Both use a similar reveal of 35% in the Asia-Pacific region.

2 . 0 Review of the Selected Organisations

3. one particular Ceylon Cigarette Company PLC

Ceylon Smoking cigarettes Company PLC was founded in 1890 and was possessed by many organizations time to time. Presently it is held by the English American Tobacco (BAT) and is proud to possess a monopoly in the smoking cigarettes industry in Sri Lanka. Currently CTC deal with a labor force of 320 employees and farmers and factory employees of more than 75, 000. There are seven item brands inside the CTC collection. They are; 1 ) Dunhill| 2 . Four Only ones best

3. Steve Player Gold Leaf (JPGL)| 4. Capstan

your five. Benson & Hedges| 6. Three Roses

7. Pall Mall|

The concern brands intended for the market will be Dunhill, Steve Player Gold Leaf and Pall Mall. Hence most of the resources are allocated to these types of brands. At present, the biggest company is JPGL which accounts to 74% of the total market share. В 2 . 1 . 1Vision

To be THE motivation for Corporate Excellence in Sri Lanka. 2 . 1 . 2Mission

The strategy to deliver our eye-sight is based on development, productivity, responsibility and building a winning business. 2 . 1 ) 3Milestones

2. 1997 -2009 - ‘Business Today' Top Company

2. 2009 – Ceylon Step of Commerce – Best Corporate Individuals Award 5. 2008 -- ACCA Honor for Sustainability Reporting

5. 2006 -Winner of the Best Energy Conservation Project

5. 2004 -- Winner -- Most Innovative HUMAN RESOURCES Practices Merit (National HRM Awards) Champion - Significant Manufacturing Sector Award (National HRM Awards) Best Financial Team -- (CIMAJanashakthi Peak Awards) installment payments on your 1 . 4Competitors

CTC is without major competition within Sri Lanka as to tight government restrictions and rules on importing tobacco and also due to the excessive investment needed to acquire a permit to legally manufacture and sell the products locally. The couple of competitors on the market are a extremely insignificant percentage of cigarettes businesses which can be engaged in the illicit...

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