Period Managment

Plains Indians, 1865-1900 (Native Americans)

Westward Development, 1865-1890

1 ) Railroads- major industry most powerful wealthiest

Promontory Point, Utah, 1869 – the first intercontinental railroad, merger east shoreline to western world coast

US Army

2 . Search of wealth- people go on to the WEST make more money

Bay area, 1849- rare metal is learned U. S largest precious metal rush

Platinum & Land-

Homestead Act- federal government program generate people to proceed to the western world, dirt affordable prices, harmful!


3. Euro Immigration, 1860-1890- 4 mil Europeans your U. S

A language like german (NAVTISM)!!!! Believe the country is for only them Foreigners AREN'T ALLOWED!

4. Manifest Future

Characteristics of Plains Indians


Indian Wars, 1860-1900- an official wars against indigenous Americas


Bureau of Of india Affairs

Reasons for Indian attacks

Buffalo- extremely important animal

Zoysia Soldiers, 1866- first specialist ALL BLACK soldier group, give blacks job eradicate Indians

Membership- past slaves men, free blacks

Tasks- A LOT main goal against the U. S army in this warfare against Native Americans build bridges building educational institutions and clinics

Battles-5000 qualified

Name- the native americans gave this name also them


Why Get?

Cheyenne Indians

Black Pot

White Burro

San Creek Massacre, 1864

Washita Riv Massacre

Indien Indians


Gen. George Cook

Habile Indians

Dark Hills, 1874

Treaty of Fort Laramie, 1868

Reddish colored Cloud

Noticed Tail

Sitting Bull

Ulysses S. Offer & serenity

Peace Plan, 1869

Custer's Last Stand, 1876- superb Indian Killer

Little Big Horn- john Custer can be killed

Crazy Horse

Effects / outcome

Massacre by Wounded Knee, 1890-native Americans vs . U. S army 500k murdered

Standing Carry

Nez Perce

Chief Frederick


Goal of Assimilation-

White reason for reservations

Indian's point of view on concerns

Reservation lands

Self-destructive behaviors

White reformers & the Indian Compression Mvt., 1879-response to war anti-war activity

Standing Bear

Indian Compression Conference, 1883

Indian Boarding School Mvt., 1879

Carlisle, Penn. -boarding school

Dawes Severalty Act, 1887-response to ranking bearv



American Indian City Rights Mvt.

Standing Carry

Luther a. k. a Plenty Destroy

Populist Party

U. S i9000. Govt. Response



The Oriental Experience out west, 1850-1900


American Nativism

California Taxes Law

Promontory point

Chinatowns, 1870s

Type of work

Anti-Chinese Sentiment

Workingman's Party of California, 1878

Chinese Exclusion Act, 1882

Japanese & Koreans

American indian, Indonesia, & Arabian Peninsula

Exclusionary laws and regulations, 1943 & 1952



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