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In documenting the first thing could go through the Data Circulation Diagram and document the Entity, Info Flows, Procedures and Stores. This would be useful during creation. I i am documenting an even more finished program. I can add a systems circulation chart or some other ways of showing the relationships, I can also document the input, end result, database/files, and programs that make up the system. Individuals have their own beloved way of this process. This is only one possible technique of doing it. Your textbook covers other tactics that you may prefer.

Overview of Payroll System

The payroll system keeps exact employee data stored in an easily accessible databases. The system is able to update as well as employee details and to make required outputs including paychecks, reports to management and reports for the government.

Every week, data around the current pay out period is usually entered into the device and tested. This info is used to update automobile master document with appropriate additions, adjustments and deletions and to generate required result.

Obviously an even more detailed description would be done if I had been actually recording a system.

I would personally include a systems flowchart at this time

Sample records can include: Description/overview of program, systems flowchart, list of put in system, software descriptions, set of tables/files in system, document layouts and description, data dictionary for fields, list of reports in system and report layouts and description, list of displays in system and display screen layouts and descriptions, settings. For each program the developer could be asked to include system description, system specifications, reasoning flowchart, code, test info and test run. Note if you are using a database just like Access, most of the documentation could be gotten from your structure of the database.

List of Programs

System Code Term

Program Identity



Time Credit card Edit Software

Production: Edits time greeting card information keyed in through the time card screen TMCDUPDT

Time Credit card Update Program

Production: updates current and YTD shell out on Staff Master Document (EMPMSTR) PAYCHK

Paycheck Program

Production: Produces paychecks


W-2 System

Generates W-2 forms in end of year

Additional report applications would be included


Employee Edit Plan

Maintenance: Edits the display screen transactions used to update automobile Master Record (EMPMSTR) EMPUPDT

Employee Bring up to date Program

Protection: Updates the Employee Master Document (EMPMSTR)

Time Card Modify Program: TMCDEDIT

Production Plan: This program edits time cards information keyed in through the time greeting card screen.

Software Name:


Time Cards Edit Plan


Period Card Display (TMCDSCR)


Time Cards Transactions Table (TMCDTRAN)

Time Card Mistake Report (TMCDRPT)


Edits input data according to the following specifications:

Recognition number exists, numeric with valid verify digit Office is present and valid office

Regular several hours is present, number and not more than 40

Continue with other fields that are being edited

Active with user: Messages are posted and corrections happen to be edited End user can decide that record cannot be fixed and mail to the Time Card Mistake Report (TMDCRPT) Controls:

Is important number of workers processed

Is important number of orders written to Time Credit card Transactions desk (TMCDTRAN) Feedback:

Run weekly after time cards have been collected

Tables in Salaries System

Table Code Identity

Table Name




Period Card Ventures





Employee Expert


List programs making use of the table indicating Input, Outcome and I/O meaning both

Data Book

Record Explanation: TMCDTRAN (Time Card Transactions)

Database System:

Payroll Data source

Table Code Name:


Alternative Name(s):

Time Cards Transactions


Database Stand organized simply by primary essential

Primary Important:...



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