Overview of a Product Analysis

Rustic Presendorfer

January 12, 2007

Summary of the Product analysis

Looking cautiously at existing products which might be similar to the a single you are going to design and style is a very important part from the design method. To learn efficiently from existing products you need to look at these a 'critical eye'. Searching critically in products and asking questions about them is known as product analysis.

Examining graphic goods

When you evaluate a product, it is best to use the 5WM approach. This will act as a great starting point. For instance , a point of sale display is a graphic product, so if you were analysing the point of sale display in the picture, you might ask the following queries.

Who is the item aimed at?

To reply to this question, you have to think of the type of item being marketed. For example , cleaning soap powder is often aimed at adults. Look to see if there are any visual hints. A visual clue is anything that helps you to determine what the designer's intentions were. It may be an image, a style of writing or maybe a particular selection of colours.

Precisely what is the purpose of the point of sales display?

The display must hold leaflets, but just how many? Does the number of booklets it needs to support affect the size? The leaflets are usually made to a regular size that could be A4, A5 or even A6. This is because conventional paper is more readily available in these sizes. Holding booklets is probably the main function (or main purpose) of the stage of deal display. It will likewise have secondary functions of attracting focus on the product becoming advertised on the leaflets, and helping to sell it.

What materials has been utilized and for what reason?

Cardboard is generally used for stage of sale displays. There are many reasons for this: •Cardboard is less expensive than polymer. This is important because usually stage of deal displays just have to last for as long as the product promotion. •It is easy to print to. This helps to keep costs straight down. •It could be folded toned for delivery. This is important intended for transportation and storage.

Visual products are often ephemeral, or perhaps short-lived

Items like tickets and posters are designed to last for any very short time of time and then they are disposed of. One of the most essential questions that you should ask is usually 'How will the fact that various graphic items are dying (short-lived) impact their manufacture and design? '

Comparison analysis

It is sometimes useful to assess graphic products to find out for what reason the same merchandise has been designed differently. An illustration of this this is sweets. There are a huge selection of different types of desserts that are all more or less a similar and have the same function - being enjoyed!

Comparing products helps you to solution the question ‘Why? '

•Why are different colours used? Crimson is commonly applied because it seriously stands out. Imagine other colors and them. •Why carry out products aimed at children look different to goods designed for teens, or adults? This will help you to understand regarding different marketplaces. A market is the type of people who use a specific product. •Why do items have different types of the labels and make use of different elements? This will help one to understand about production and packaging techniques, and how come some products have to be totally sealed.


1 . Give two explanations why designers carry out product examination as part of the design and style process. 2 . Graphic items are often short-lived or throw-away (such as packaging). Describe two ethical problems related to the growing usage of graphic goods to sell and promote different products.


•Product examination (sometimes known as disassembly) is a crucial form of principal research. •A useful platform for analysing products is definitely the 5WH approach: - Who also? - What? - Wherever? - When? - Why? - (and How? ) •Because graphical products are created to be ephemeral (short-lived) they need to always be low cost.

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