Of india Relations

American indian relations, both political and social, as a result of American expansion.

When People in america started discovering and growing west one of the main conflicts that arrose is exactly what kind of marriage would they may have with the Native Americans. At first things wernt awful a good example of this are the assertions and autobiography of Dark Hawk who had been a prominent souk soldier. He stated in his life that his people enjoyed the people in the usa at first impression. They were given gifts by americans and return thay gave the americans meat. Later in his autobiography he states that he seems that his peoples land was thieved from them thinking about the circumstances when the americans clamed they had obtained the area. He likewise felt that there had not been communaction between his persons and people in america, also that he didn't be familiar with white mans ways. This individual said from the treaty " It has been the foundation of all the difficulties''(The life of Dark Hawk). I believe that Black Hawks life is a perfect format of how almost all Indian relationships turned bitter with people in the usa as they had been exploring and settling the west.

Indians relationships with people in america were previously rocky because of the war of 1812 if the Indians fought with the English agenst the americans. The moment Indian Ethnicities that got never been exposed to white persons before there were many ethnic and faith based differences. The american settlers saw the native indians as savages and uncivalized people. The indians and Americans as well had many different views on how land was to be used. The Americans found it like a waste the Indians wernt farming in large numbers. The christen People in the usa also didn't like the fact that the native indians were not willing to change religons and denied christanty. An idea spread through american culture and that idea was manifest success. Manifest Future was the idea widely held by Us citizens in the nineteenth century the United States was destined to expand over the continent. This kind of...



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