Negetive Effects of Technology

With this century that we are living, there are many ways to speak and interact with the people we require. New produced technologies make our lives easier than the past. Many persons prefer to look at a display and explore new things, carry out our research, chat with our close ones, listen to a song, enjoy a movie, buy new outfits and so on. They are the things that we are able to do. In addition, it will save time and money. One of many important decisions we generate is to work at home in front of some type of computer. However , excessive developed technology has disadvantages like if functioning at a screen it really is bad for you health, we do not understand if it is true and guaranteed for hundred percent. First, whenever we speak of the impact of technology on society, we often talk about good effects of technology and about how technology has made life convenient. We talk about the Internet since an information reference and a communication program and conveniently ignore the reality an overexposure to this leads to Internet addiction. We often discuss how technology has made life easy but easily neglect that it has made us extremely dependent on that. Have you thought of the impact of technology from this level of perspective? I am sure, most of you haven't. I want to look at this element of technology in this article. People will (and are starting to) ignore face-to-face contact and thus their very own social abilities will decrease. It is possible that after decades of obtaining no, or perhaps extremely limited human speak to, that we can loose the cabability to read gestures. This could cause all sorts of misunderstandings and problems.

Secondly, according to a screen rather than appointment face-to-face is extremely bad for well being. It will make our backbone back unwell. Sitting to get long hours and searching to a display also makes our attention bad. Once i was very little i enjoyed and watched movies over a computer pertaining to long hours because it is was fun. Since then my eye retained getting poor and i was required to wear spectacles. It really annoys me a lot when...



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