Natura: Global Natural beauty Made in Brazil


•Founders: Luiz Seabra. Guilherme Legal, Pedro Passos

•L'Oréal, world´s largest natural beauty company.

•Possibilities for development included shifting to Internet sales, making sales in duty-free shops in airports, and creating full chains in most countries. •Natura had become Brazil´s biggest home cosmetics business. •Leading company in lasting use of Brazil´s biodiversity. •Natura was a one of a kind company with a growing eyesight for humanity (according to Brazilians)

The Brazilian Natural beauty Market

•Beauty Premium: Physical Attractiveness seemed to exercise a major impact on individual lifestyles. •In 2004, natural beauty was a US$231 billion global business.

•Brazil had one of many highest levels of income inequality in the world. •In Brazil, the lighter the individual's skin, the richer we were holding likely to turn into.

Brazilian Marketplace Main Tendencies

•Brazilian beauty industry: doze. 9 billion Brazilian reais (R$) it happened in 1999 to R$28. 5 billion dollars in 2004. •By 2005 females made up 22% of the workforce.

•The cultural significance of self-image in Brazil helped boost pharmaceutical drug sales of goods and companies than improves attractiveness and self-confidence. In 2004, Brazil was reported as the second biggest industry for Botox comestic injection and Generika viagra. •Brazil is a country of contradictions.


•Established in 1969 by Antonio Luiz da Cunha Seabra

•Direct selling model in mid 1970s.

•Door-to-door distribution system

•Initial Natura program into a single company: Natura Cosméticos, in 1989 (Leal, Seabra, Passos). •Natura decided to go after a new intercontinental business and opened an operation in Argentina.

Product Lines and Brand

•Market: middle and upper class sectors in Brazil.

•600 companies seven primary product lines

•In 2005, L'Oréal spent US$587 millions on research and development. •Natura acquired patens and technology from colleges and analysis centers in Brazil and abroad. •Natura´s products are aspirational.

•Natura focused on particular research attempts on skin care products and around the sustainable utilization of ingredients from Brazil´s biodiversity. •Partnerships with NGO´s and the attainment of international certifications were also essential for successful durability and diffusion. •Natura´s items based on " well-being/ staying well” (harmonious pleasant marriage between oneself and one´s body, combined with the concept of rewarding, empathetic associations with others and with nature). •In 1999, Composizione acquired Flora Medicinal, boosting Natura´s study and recycleables gathered from Brazilian biodiversity.


•Facility and location: " Espaco Natura”, an integrated creation, logistics, and R& D center operating out of a replanted green place on the borders of Sao Paulo. •In 2005, Natura had an installed annual production capacity for 209 million products. •Product making: separation of raw materials, mixture of materials in accordance with the company´s formulas, bottling, and wrapping. •Natura received and common of above 40, 1000 orders per day and transported approximately 98%. Natura used 26 distinct delivery companies as well as the B razil postal in order to transport items to the representatives.

Revenue and division

•483, 500 active product sales representatives in Brazil and 36, 000 agents far away. •Mainly middleclass housewives supplying their good friends, independent professionals, secretaries, and staff employees at all kinds of companies. •30% of sales team sells products from Natura´s competitors. •Selling network made up of market managers, sales managers, sales marketers, and product sales representatives methodized in hubs and knots covering particular geographic parts. •Revista Universo.

•Natura´s lists became and important revenue tool, and frequent updates provided the consultants using a reason to pay repeated visits with their clients. •Natura´s focus on product sales allowed consultants to place orders at any...



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