Msds Phenolphthalein

MMSDS of Phenolphthalein


Merchandise Number: | C2226В | Wellness: | 1В

Flammability| 1В

Reactivity| 0В

Hazard Rating: Least| Slight| Moderate| High| Extreme| 0| 1| 2| 3| 4

NA = Not Suitable NE = Not Proven


Product Brand: | PhenolphthaleinВ В Reagent A. C. S., Powder| | | Trade/Chemical Synonyms| В | |

Formulation: | C–H”COOC(C–H”-4-OH)'| |

RTECS: | SM8380000В | |

C. A. S| CAS# 77-09-8| |

Hazard Id

Harmful if swallowed. May cause irritation. Avoid breathing vapors, or dusts. Use with adequate air flow. Avoid contact with eyes, epidermis, and garments. Wash thoroughly after managing. Keep box closed. В

First Aid Steps

Damaging if swallowed. May cause irritation. Avoid inhaling vapors, or dusts. Make use of with enough ventilation. Steer clear of contact with sight, skin, and clothes. Wash thoroughly following handling. Maintain container shut down.

FIRST AID: EPIDERMIS: Wash exposed area with soap and water. If perhaps irritation is persistant, seek medical assistance.

EYES: Rinse eyes with plenty of normal water for at least a quarter-hour, lifting lids occasionally. Seek out Medical Aid. INHALATION: Take away to clean air. If certainly not breathing, provide artificial respiration. If breathing is tough, give oxygen

INGESTION: If swallowed, cause vomiting soon after giving two glasses of drinking water. Never provide anything orally to an unconscious person. | Physical and Chemical Real estate

Melting Level: | 261В°c| Specific Gravity| 1 . twenty-eight

Cooking food Point: | Information certainly not available| Percent Volatile by simply Volume: | 0| Vapor Pressure: | Information certainly not available| Evaporation Rate: | information not really available| Vapor Density: | 1 . 29| Evaporation Regular: | not available| Solubility in Normal water: | negligible| Auto ignition Temperature: | information certainly not available| Appearance and Stench: | white to yellow-colored crystals| Reduce Flamm. Limit in Atmosphere: | inforamtion not available| Flash Level: | info...



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