South america vs . Us

South america vs . Usa

Man, is actually hot! Temp that exceeds one hundred certifications Fahrenheit may be the only issue one locates at the Mexico, U. H. border while waiting to cross that. Yes, the usa and South america share a border, but they have different similarities, including the kind of govt, similar searching facilities and wonderful visiting locations. Dissimilarities also enter play once one has two different countries; these variations are persons and government, which lead to other dissimilarities.

Some methods Mexico as well as the U. S. are the same wonderful vacation areas, similar shopping facilities, same kind of federal government, and they discuss a edge. First, both U. S i9000. and Mexico possess popular vacationing places, such as The hawaiian islands, Miami, and New York to get the U. S. and Cancun, Acapulco, and Muelle Vallarta pertaining to Mexico. Second, shopping places are actually identical. For example , plazas in South america are like department stores in the U. S. and a few stores are exactly the same like Wal-Mart and Sam's Club. Third, the United States and Mexico have the same type of government, which is a democratic government offering everyone a viewpoint in any government issue. Finally, Mexico plus the U. H. share a border that is located along the bottom from the states of California, Arizona ( az ), New South america and Texas.

On the contrary, becoming two specific countries means they also have lots of differences in between. For instance, the drinking grow older, driving age, taxes, and poverty, which will all fall into the same category: government. In the event that one did not know, the drinking age in Mexico is 20 (this could possibly be why a large number of seniors go to Mexico for the spring break. ) This leads to another age regarding situation: generating age. In Mexico, one has to be eighteen to drive, although neither drinking or traveling ages happen to be respected, and the paucity of respect intended for government is unbelievable. As opposed to the U. S., in Mexico, a single does not have to pay taxes; low income is another challenge Mexicans deal with in their individual country.

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