FOOD INC. Outline


Fast Food

the entire industrial food system started out with junk food

in the 1930s, a new kind of restaurant arose—the drive-in

the McDonald brothers had a very successful drive-in, but decided to cut costs and simplify that were there a revolutionary idea- bring the manufacturing plant system for the restaurant home they educated each member of staff to only do one thing all the time (this way, they may pay them a low salary and easily get someone to change them) McDonald's fast food was a HUGE accomplishment

new mentality of order, regularity, conformity, and cheapness

when ever McDonald's is a largest buyer of surface beef in the usa, and they want all of their meat around the world to taste the EXACT same, they change how earth beef can be produced the McDonald's corporation is also the largest purchaser of potatoes, and one of the major purchasers of pork, poultry, tomatoes, member of the lettuce family, and even apples now, there are essentially a few companies managing our meals system in the 1970's the best 5 meat packers handled only about 25% of the industry, today the very best 4 control more than 80 percent of the market… the same with pork (VIDEO-1: 26) even though you don't eat at an easy food cafe, you're ingesting meat gowns being produced by the system it's really simply 3 or 4 companies controlling each of the meat in stores (not maqui berry farmers, as the labeling implies) Chicken

Tyson is the biggest meat-packing firm in the world the market changed the entire way that chicken happen to be raised (VIDEO- 1: 25) " we're not producing chickens, wish producing food… it's almost all highly mechanized… all of the birds coming away from those farms have to be nearly exactly the same size” –Richard Lobb (National Rooster Council) the goal should be to produce a lots of food over a small amount of property at little price following the decline of tobacco, a large number of farmers in the South considered chicken farming the rooster industry offers helped poor communities

the farmers have contracts with Tyson

the chickens never see sunshine

a farmer had offered Food Inc producers to view inside of his chicken properties, but after multiple trips from Tyson reps this individual changed his mind after asking a large number of farmers, just one let them in the chicken homes Carol (a Perdue grower) still uses old-style residences with keep the windows open (VIDEO- one particular: 20) Perdue pickup (VIDEO- 1: 17)

the companies maintain your farmers beneath their thumbs because of the debts the maqui berry farmers have to build one fowl house is anywhere from $280, 000-$300, 500 after the first investment, if the farmers don't make the costly upgrades the companies demand, they are really threatened with lawsuits " it's just like being a servant to the company”

Carol's agreement was terminated when she refused to upgrade for the dark, tunnel-ventilated houses an average grower with two rooster houses features borrowed over $500, 000 and makes only $18, 000 12 months Corn

whenever you are through the superstore, what looks like a cornucopia of variety and choice is not—there can be an optical illusion of diversity—there are only a couple of companies included, and only a few crops involved SO MUCH of our industrial food is smart rearrangements of corn in america, 30% of the land base is hammer toe

farmers happen to be basically paid out by the authorities to over-produce corn since big companies (Tyson, Smithfield) have an interest in purchasing corn below the cost of development those large companies main receiving area and give all of us the farmville farm bills we now have the farm building bill affects the rules: develop as much hammer toe as you can expand on the least land feasible, subsidize maqui berry farmers by the bushel we are now ENGINEERING each of our food

hammer toe products (VIDEO- 1: 12)

you can nourish corn to basically most animals, actually fish

the standard American feeds on over two hundred Ib. of meat, per head, per year (that wouldn't always be possible whenever we didn't give food to them this diet of cheap grain) CAFO: Targeted Animal Feeding Operation

cows are not designed by evolution to eat corn, they are designed by development to eat lawn (but hammer toe is cheap and corn makes it fat) Elizabeth. Coli may be the product with the diet we are going to...



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