Jane Rowlandson

Mary Rowlandson,

The Story of the Captivity and the Restoration

of Mrs. Martha Rowlandson (1682)


The sovereignty and goodness of GOD, with the faithfulness of his promises displayed, like a narrative from the captivity and restoration of Mrs. Jane Rowlandson, recommended by her, to all that desires to know the dimensions of the Lord's stroke to, and dealings with her. Especially to her dear children and relations. The other Addition [sic] Corrected and amended. Authored by her personal hand on her behalf private use, and now made public at the serious desire of some friends, and for the main benefit of the stricken. Deut. 32. 39. Observe now that I actually, even We am this individual, and there is simply no god with me, I destroy and I make alive, I actually wound and i also heal, nor is there any can deliver out of my hand. Within the tenth of February 1675, came the Indians with great numbers upon Lancaster: their initial coming involved sunrising; experiencing the sound of some guns, we looked away; several properties were using, and the smoke cigars ascending to heaven. There was five folks taken in one particular house; the father, and the mom and a sucking child, they pulled on the brain; the various other two that they took and carried away surviving. There were two others, who also being away of their garrison upon several occasion were set upon; one was knocked within the head, the other steered clear of; another there is who working along was shot and wounded, and fell straight down; he begged of them his life, guaranteeing them money (as they told me) but they would not hearken to him nevertheless knocked him in mind, and stripped him bare, and divide open his bowels. One more, seeing lots of the Indians about his hvalp, ventured and went out, unfortunately he quickly shot down. There were three others belonging to the same garrison who were killed; the Indians getting up upon the top of the hvalp, had benefits to blast down upon them above their fortification. Thus these types of murderous wretches went on, using, and eliminating before them. At length that they came and beset our very own house, and quickly it was the dolefulest day that ever my very own eyes found. The house was standing upon the advantage of a hillside; some of the Indians got at the rear of the hillside, others into the barn, yet others behind whatever could protection them; from all which usually places that they shot resistant to the house, so the bullets appeared to fly like hail; and quickly they wounded one particular man in our midst, then one more, and then one third. About two hours (according to my observation, in this amazing time) they had been about your house before they prevailed to fire it (which they did with flax and hemp, that they brought out in the barn, and there being simply no defense regarding the house, only two flankers at two opposite 4 corners and one of them not finished); they fired it when and a single ventured out and quenched it, nevertheless they quickly terminated it once again, and that had taken. Now is the terrible hour arrive, that I have often heard about (in time of war, as it was the case of others), great mine sight see it. Several in our house had been fighting because of their lives, others wallowing within their blood, the home on fire over our heads, and the bloody heathen prepared to knock us on the head, if we stirred out. Right now might all of us hear mothers and kids crying out for themselves, and the other person, " Lord, what shall we perform? " I quickly took my own children (and one of my own sisters', hers) to go forth and go out: but as soon as we reached the door and appeared, the Indians shot so thicker that the bullets rattled against the house, as though one had taken an handful of stones and threw them, so that we were fain to give back. We had 6 stout dogs belonging to the garrison, although non-e of which would stir, though an additional time, in the event that any Of india had come to the door, they were all set to fly after him and tear him down. Our creator hereby will make us the greater acknowledge His hand, also to see that the help is always in Him. But away we must get, the fire raising, and coming along at the rear of us, roaring, and the Indians gaping prior to us with their guns, spears, and hatchets to...



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