Marketing Assigment

п»їAssignment on the lookout for: Marketing

(20 points)

In Section on the lookout for, you learned all about marketing. Right now, you'll apply what you learned.

1 . Visit a Internet site for a firm that offers products on the net. Then go to that industry’s corporate Web site. Compare the company's product sales site with its business site. Illustrate at least 3 differences between them. (1-3 sentences. three or more. 0 points)

The website of the company My spouse and i visited was Ebay. Its corporate web page and the earnings site differ in many ways, as an example the corporate website describes the organization and its goal, while the revenue site would not. The corporate web page includes the press releases as the product sales internet site does not. Finally, the corporate site includes advice about the investor relations while the item sale does not.

2 . Pick a well-known company, and explain at least three features that you associate with that company or company. Explain so why you associate those characteristics with that company. (1-6 phrases. 3. zero points) HINT: This can be the same company you used in issue 1 previously mentioned, or it might be different.

Auction web sites is efficient, safe, and helpful. It can be efficient in finding whatever you want to buy, and it is safe since it is a trusted firm, and also attractive case the customer did not obtain the product. They may have an option where you can get a total refund in case you still did not receive the product.

3. Select a well-known company, and describe what you feel that company's target market is. How may you tell? (1-5 sentences. a few. 0 points) TIP: This could be the same firm you utilized in question 1 or 2 above, or perhaps it can be distinct.

I believe that Ebay contains a wide target market, for it offers everything, just like books, pianos, accessories, outfits, antiques, systems …etc

4. Illustrate either a desire-based or fear-based advertisement that you have got seen. Make clear what desire or dread you think the ad is using. (1-5 sentences. several. 0 points)

I when saw a desire-based Mac cosmetic makeup products ad....



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