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I actually. Decision Trees and shrubs Bee's Nesting Inter Prize is a company that manufactures creams that are used in tapes and glues. Presently, they are thinking of a business task of opening another part in the region in order to enhance their market and gain even more sales. Currently, their income is backed up with a good market demand giving them approximately P10, 000 profits with popular and they will get a lack of P500 upon times when require is low due to the fixed costs in the company. Likelihood of a advantageous market is 60 per cent. The company has a few handful of choices inside the plans for expanding the corporation, and after several deliberation, they may have come up with the subsequent decisions: 1) Expand having a Large Factory, having an estimate increase in salary of P11, 000 over a good require and a loss of P1000 on a negative demand. 2) Expand having a Medium Factory, having a proposal increase in salary of P8, 000 over a good demand and a loss of P800 on a poor demand. 3) Expand which has a Small Manufacturer, having a proposal increase in income of P5, 000 over a good require and a loss of P600 on a poor demand. In hearing with their pending decision, a marketing analysis firm comes up to the company to offer their very own services pertaining to P500. It is said that in accepting their particular help, the market's percentage of becoming beneficial would maximize to 85%. Of course , they can opt to live in their current state in order to avoid risks. a. Construct the choice tree exhibiting the different decisions that the company can go through. b. Figure out the profits and deficits that the business might fees in making these kinds of decisions and determine which usually decision is the best for the business. II. Thready Programming A. CafГ© Therea is a recently opened business that produces two sorts of food. Rice Toppings and Mixed Grain Meals. Both of which use three kinds of elements: Rice, Meat, and Sauce. The Grain Toppings requires two scoops of rice, six and two thirds bits of meat, and one dip of spices; while the Merged Rice Meals use two and a single thirds...



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02.09.2019 п»їTwo main weaknesses of the diamonds industry: selling price of gemstone linked to source and benefit diamond associated with belief that they are rare and for that..

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02.09.2019 Mary Rowlandson, The Story of the Captivity and the Restoration of Mrs. Martha Rowlandson (1682) ________________________________________ The sovereignty and goodness of GOD, with the faithfulness…..