Logical or Physical Network Design

Logical versus Physical Network Design

The typical Top-Down way of network design uses a systematic method to strategy, design, and implement a brand new network. Generally, the Top-Down methodology requires analysis from the business requirements and goals, development of the logical design based on this sort of goals, progress the physical design, and a stage for screening, optimizing, and documenting the network style. This newspaper focuses on the actions performed to make a logical type of a network and then procedes explain how the physical design is created. Logical Network Design

It is difficult to talk about the principles in the logical design and style without initial discussing the value of preparing and research. After all, the goal of initial network planning is always to ascertain enough information to create the logical network design pitch. Logical style begins simply by determining the necessity of the users. How does the business use a network to share information? What services will the network ought to provide? What resources will be needed? Exactly what are the requirements pertaining to network protocols, applications, performance, and protection? These are the main questions to consider in the beginning stages of design.

A network engineer need to gather details such as expected traffic patterns and determine if there is a prospect of bottlenecks. If it is the case, the style might require multiple communication routes to methods or the setup of grouped servers with replicated data for insert balancing. Likewise, the job features of the customers must be researched. What are their very own jobs and work habits and how does this affect the placement of servers, high-bandwidth links, and other physical pieces? Furthermore, a network professional must determine the scope of the applications requiring network communication. For example , most networks consist of in least a lot of use of applications such as FTP, telnet, and web browsing. He/she need to perform a risk...

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