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The Court of Appeal is a highest courtroom in the area and set up under Section 64 of the Constitution. It is function should be to hear appeals from the High Court in certain matters.. The Court of Appeal is found in Nairobi but it routinely holds its sessions in Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Nyeri and Eldoret.


The High Court is a second the courtroom in the hierarchy. It is founded under Section 60 with the Constitution. The court may well hear both criminal and civil things. � The High Courtroom in Nairobi has the pursuing specialized partitions:  -Family Department

-Criminal Section

-Civil Department

-Commercial Split

-Constitutional� and Judicial Assessment Division

You will discover fifteen (15) High Courtroom stations near your vicinity. These are: Nairobi, Milimani, Kisumu, Kisii, Bungoma, Kakamega, Nakuru, Eldoret, Kitale, Embu, Nyeri, Mombasa, Malindi, Meru, Machakos with subwoofer registries in Kericho and Busia.

Jurisdiction;  The High The courtroom is created by simply Section 70 of the Constitution of Kenya. It has unrestricted original jurisdiction in civil and legal matters. It's the highest the courtroom of first jurisdiction in Kenya.

Appellate Jurisdiction; The Large Court is likewise endowed with appellate jurisdiction. Appeals by various management bodies and subordinate process of law are observed and dependant upon the Substantial Court.  Constitutional References


The High Courtroom is the final arbiter in matters with regards to the interpretation in the Constitution. This jurisdiction is usually conferred after it by simply Section 67(1) of the Metabolism. When virtually any question as to the interpretation of the Constitution develops in process in any subordinate court, that court shall, if any kind of party to the proceedings and so requests, direct the matter for the High Courtroom for interpretation. Election Petitions


The High The courtroom is even more empowered by Section forty-four of the Cosmetic to hear and determine selection petitions. It truly is for the court to determine questions whether or not a person has recently been validly selected as a Member of Parliament.

Admiralty Legislation.

Furthermore, the Excessive Court features admiralty legal system in all things arising around the high oceans or in territorial waters, or after any lake or navigable inland oceans in Kenya. This would relate with incidents including boundary disputes between Kenya and another country with regard to territorial marine environments, Kenya's Special Economic Region with regard to the coastline and any acts of piracy on the large seas.


Magistrates Process of law are created underneath the Magistrates Courts Act (Chapter 10 from the Laws of Kenya). That they handle civil and legal matters with respect to the rank of the magistrate. The larger the list of the magistrate, the bigger the truth he can manage. The structure of Barrister in climbing down order is as follows: Key Magistrate

Elderly Principal Justice of the peace

Principal Justice of the peace

Senior Resident Magistrate

Homeowner Magistrate

District Magistrate

You will find one hundred and five (105) Magistrates Courts in the country which might be stationed with the following area or divisional levels.


In addition to the other courts, we have the subsequent additional process of law -Children's Tennis courts to deal with matters relating to children -Anti-corruption Process of law to deal with issues relating to data corruption and integrity.

(a)Children Courtroom

The Kid's Courts are constituted under Section 73 of the Little one's Act (Act No . eight of 2001). They deal specifically with children's concerns that involve:

* Parental responsibility

5. Custody and maintenance

2. Guardianship

5. Protection of children

* Create care

2. Child offenders


1 . The courts are presided over by Magistrates duly equiped by the Primary Justice. 2 . There are at the moment 96 Magistrates appointed to listen to children's things all over the country. several. Currently just Nairobi and Mombasa have a building specially dedicated as a Kid's Courts. 5. In other...

Sources: Act (Act No . almost 8 of 2001). They package specifically with children is matters that




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