Thorough Outline of "Othello"

Thesis: The relieve with which Iago manipulates Othello suggests that bad can be seductive.

I. Iago easily manipulates Othello.

A. Iago assures Othello that he is his friend.

1 ) Iago appeals to Othello's armed service mind.

installment payments on your Iago uses love against Othello to cause him to experience jealousy.

B. Iago convinces Othello that Cassio is the enemy.

1 . Iago manipulates Cassio into drinking too much seeing that he is certain Cassio will do something he may regret.

installment payments on your Othello demotes Cassio via his situation of lieutenant.

C. Iago convinces Othello that Desdemona is being disloyal.

1 . Iago places Desdemona's handkerchief close to Cassio's bedroom.

2 . Iago tells Othello he noticed Cassio wipe his brow with Desdemona's handkerchief.

II. Iago fans the fire of Othello's distrust and fury with Desdemona's meant

" infidelity".

A. Iago first suggests that Desdemona distributed her bed with Cassio.

B. Iago suggests to Othello that Cassio will gloat to others about his conquest of Desdemona just before telling Othello that Cassio boasted to him that he do indeed rest with Desdemona.

C. Iago cunningly foretells Cassio regarding Cassio's mistress Bianca, every smile every gesture made by Cassio infuriating a hidden Othello who believes Cassio is talking about sleeping with Desdemona.

D. Othello decides to kill Desdemona by strangulation in her bed and Iago promises to get rid of Cassio.

3. Evil is known as a powerful although not an impressive element of man experience.

A. Iago has not been evil in the interest of being bad, rather his evil was driven via jealousy and greed that he didn't want to control.

M. Iago's key motivational component is the damage of all that is certainly good

and the rise of evil.



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