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Initially Semester, AY 2014–2015

Physics 71

GUIDANCE: Choose the best solution and hue the corresponding circle on your answer sheet. To modify your response, cross-out and sign the original solution and then color your new response. Any form of cheating in examinations or any act of dishonesty in relation to studies, such as plagiarism, will probably be subject to disciplinary action. Pursuing instructions is part of the examination.

1 . ste-D Ca lAng Boi. A dimensionally consistent equation scans as ste = ady, where h, d and y will be measures of distance, to is a way of measuring time, and a is actually a measure of velocity. What is the SI unit for e?

A. m/s2

B. m2 /s3

C. m3 /s2

D. m2 /s

2 . Red-nosed. Rudolph running with constant velocity covers the space of eighty m in 10 h. What is his initial velocity if his final rate is 12 m/s? A. 3 m/s

B. your five m/s

C. 6 m/s

D. twelve m/s

three or more. Jingle Bells. With what acceleration must a jingle bells be thrown vertically from the beginning level to rise to a optimum height of 50. 0 meters?

A. twenty two. 1 m/s

B. thirty-one. 3 m/s

C. 491 m/s

M. 981 m/s

4. Pantay-pantay tayo! 3 projectiles, launched at the same level with the same initial speed landed in different height. Their trajectories are demonstrated in the determine below. How would you get ranking their rates at their very own respective obtaining points in increasing order? A. you, 2, 3

B. three or more, 2, one particular

C. several, 1, a couple of

D. a couple of, 1, several


Final Exam

Initially Semester, AY 2014–2015

Physics 71

five. Relative Color. Two colored cars will be moving toward each other. The blue car moves with velocity of 14. zero m/s eastward while the reddish car movements with speed of 17. 0 m/s, westward. Precisely what is the comparative velocity from the blue car with respect to the reddish colored car? A. 3. zero m/s, toward east

W. 3. zero m/s, toward west

C. 31. 0 m/s, toward east

M. 31. zero m/s, toward west

six. The Curve. A car can be moving by constant rate of 10. m/s along a bent road bringing on a great acceleration of magnitude 2 . 0 m/s2. What is the radius of curvature in the road? A. 5. zero m

W. 20. meters

C. 25 m

G. 50. meters

7. Arbitrary Run. You run in the UP acad oval with initial speed components vx0 = 0. 80 m/s and vy0 = −0. 40 m/s. Your normal acceleration can be ax sama dengan 0. 20 m/s2 inside the +x course. What is your speed after several. 0 s?

A. 1 . your five m/s

B. 0. 89 m/s

C. 0. forty-five m/s

M. 1 . two m/s

almost 8. Top of the Group. A block is given a basic speed for

point I actually such that it traverses the circular frictionless loop. Which usually of the next shows the right free-body plan of the prevent when it is towards the top of the round loop (point II)?


Final Examination

First Semester, AY 2014–2015

Physics 71

9. Mischievous or Wonderful. Rudolph pulls Santa upwards with a power of 2. 00 × ciento tres N. If perhaps Santa increases at a rate of 10. 2 m/s2 upwards, what is his mass? A. 100. kilogram

B. 200. kg

C. 196 kilogram

D. 205 kg

10. Sliding kamatis. A zero. 050-kg tomato slides on the rough horizontally surface. In the event the tomato dropped 3. 0 m/s in speed in a time interval of 3. 0 s, what is the pourcentage of kinetic friction between your tomato and the surface?

A. 0. 15

B. 0. 20

C. 0. 40

D. zero. 40

eleven. A little press. Three similar blocks happen to be being ripped or pushed across a horizontal surface by a power F, because shown in the drawings. The force N in each case provides the same value. Rank the magnitude of kinetic frictional forces that act on the blocks in ascending order (smallest first).

A. We > 2 > III

B. We > III > 2

C. II > My spouse and i > III

D. 3 > I > 2

12. Stress of Death The weight of the hung block

is W. If the block is within equilibrium, what is the tension

Big t on the thread?

A. T = 3W

B. T = 2W

C. Capital t = W/2

D. T = W/3


Final Exam

Initial Semester, AY 2014–2015

Physics 71

13. Network. A subject is put to work by a pressure

that is described along the x-axis. The magnitude

of the pressure F is usually...



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