Green Revolution in India

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A. K. CHAKRAVARTI seeds in India has doubled the yield of of SUBJECTIVE. The intro hybrid for the High YieldingVarietySeed Program(H. V. P. ) has added foodgrains. is of Surplus creation foodgrains in disparities cultivation. serious interregional not the truemeasureof success of the Green Revolution; various areas in India reand are stillvulnerableto famines. KEY PHRASES: by key unaffected thisprogram, High Containing VarietySeeds, Regional disparities. Foodgrains, Green Wave, prim- VarietiesProgramor the H. V. G. ) and also to anafarming, by simply characterized subsistence in methods, and low yields. The majority of the lyze regionaldisparities its success. itive yet creation, land was devotedto foodgrain AND INFO METHODOLOGY could hardly be eradicatedand, in many failures detailed agriculGovernment's The Central As werefrequent. and areas, starvation famines weretenyearsbehindin of populationon turaldata publications a resultof excessivepressure of of and hundreds of thousands thesummer 70, and newsletter Season was unemployment serious, farms, was areas and planta- and Crop ReportbyStateGovernments lagof people movedto professional the years, however , introduction gingby fiveto eight yearsexceptfor some protions. In recent staMost of the agricultural of variety seed has caused gressivestates. you of high-yielding produc- tisticsare gatheredevery season, however , and in breakthrough foodgrain a significant looks on the can be found in unpublishedformfrom indition, and Indian agriculture These data are unable to of threshold a greatchange. The latestdevelop- vidual Point out Governments. and correspondence, easilythrough ment provides earned the popular name " Green become procured effects theGreen almost all of my materialswere collected with the of The long term Revolution. " but to are Revolution tough predict, seems like sources in India. The accuracy of data is not was conceivable, but American indian agri- well-known, and no realignment pointin stagnating to be a turning and probtheyare the best available estimate, tradition. have ably showthemaintrends. 2 developments The sudden farming A field studywas conductedto check and made problems in rural India. The quick data, and also to observe the change is creating great economic imbalance supplement statistical impactof the H. V. G. The field to contributing the gardening and is additional among maqui berry farmers, disparities in agriculture. operate was carriedin a singlecroppingseason, large interregional The objectivesof thisstudyare to examinethe fromlate May to early Sept. 2010, 1970, and of diffusion the High Yielding Variety Seedling an effort was made to visitthe major agriculturalregionsof India. Approved for newsletter 8 November 1972. Dr . Chakravartiis Associate Professorof Geography at the College or university Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Canada. of The writer would like to...



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