Features of a great teacher



Component 1: Social interaction


1 . Precisely your main?

My major is Chinese language.

2 . What do you find challenging about your key?

I think writing Chinese characters and Chinese pronunciation actually are difficult. Specifically writing oriental characters thus i often forget how to publish them. a few. What do you like about it?

Various chinese heroes represent the symbol of something in the word. Such as: human, huge batch, water etc…So learning chinsese characters can help me to learn more about Chinese culture. Although producing Chinese characters is challenging, It's also very interesting to me. 4. Have you ever won a university grant?

When I studied at university or college, I always tried my far better learn. Thus fortunately, every semesters, I usually got university sholarships. Portion 2: Specific long turn


Explain your British study.

You should say:

where and when you started learning English.

what is the most interesting thing in an English class?

what difficulties you have when learning English

whether you like learning English

I actually began to learn English quite early, about at 10 year olds at primary institution. В At that point there were not much materials readily available, and I didn't have much money eitherВ. I was not so hard functioning enough to tryВ to discover theВ best way to put the English in my head. When I was in senior high school. I started to realize that the value of English language. It can not be denied that today British is the most widely used language on the globe. It has been utilized in all spheres of open public activity. And English is likewise an important subject matter in managed to graduate exam and entrance test. I've tried to take training in difference English Learning Centers, В online courses, home study using books, journals, andВ online resources… Through everything I see that the simplest way to study English is the mixture of everything. Next I realize that, well, Elizabeth is really interesting and I just like learning Electronic. But when I had been in school, my main is Chinese language, I tried to learn Chinese and steadily forgot Elizabeth, because My spouse and i didn't usually use At the, I forgot many words, E grammar…I really feel dissapointed. Now, My E is very bad, specifically speaking skill. I will make an effort my far better to learn Electronic. I hope that in the near future my own E will probably be improved.

Part 3: Dialogue

1 . Do you consider that English language is the most important terminology in the world? Certainly, I think and so.

First of all, English is among the most commonly used terminology among foreign language speakers. Throughout the world, when people with different languages come together they frequently use English to speak. Secondly, English is based on a great alphabet  and, compared to Chinese, it can be learned fairly quickly. Additionally, With the help of developing technology, The english language has been playing a major position in many industries including medicine, engineering, and education, business, entertainment…The popular books about these fields will be published in English. If you want to study these catalogs, you have to study E. In summary, I think English language is the most important language in the world. You should try your best to learn it.

installment payments on your What are the effective ways of learning English?

There are many methods of learning E, such as:

Use your entire Resources

There are many different techniques to improve your English language, so may limit you to ultimately only one or two. В The internet, literature, friends happen to be fantastic resources to learn Electronic. Listen to Native Speakers whenever you can, Watch English language Films and Television, Pay attention to English Music This is not simply a fun way to learn but it is also quite effective. you can grow your language and transform your life pronunciation. Research As Often As is possible! Do Physical exercises and Have Tests Many people think that studying things such as grammar and vocabulary and doing exercises usually are much fun. В В However, by completing physical exercises and acquiring tests you may really improve your English. Listen to English,...



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