Facts Based Administration

Proof Based Administration

Using evidences or specifics to run the corporation is not really a new strategy in the managing practice. A few managers work with their activities, research, content articles and other evidences conducted by business experts to make decisions within their organization. Using these evidences to create methods to solve challenges in the business is known as evidence-based management (EBMgt). For the proponent of EBMgt, this decision–making process has some advantages in its implementation. Setting up a good quality decision is a thready function with an improvement of data and details that are used while decision supports. Having reliable evidences and using systematic process, managers can create a better managerial and organizational decisions. In this good environment, agencies also will perform with a versatile way in implementing most decisions because they are resulted coming from numerous very good researches. Finally, this model will also create a learning environment pertaining to managers to improve their proficiency to make a great decision. To get the opponent of EBMgt, this practice is hard to get implemented in the organization mainly because some reasons. Sometimes, it appears too much info for managers to consider as decision supports. Furthermore, from those data, managers frequently truly feel difficult to choose the reliable details. When managers think that there is a good proof, sometimes they can not use it his or her decision support because it is not relevant to their particular organization in most conditions. Last but not least, managers frequently fall into an incorrect business practice because a half-done solution that is offered by consultants. After that, managers often see other consulting firms to try deceiving. To understand more deeply about EBMgt, let's find an example of REHABILITATION KAI, the Indonesian state-owned company that operate railways. Since the last four years, management of PT KAI has changed the organization from receiving loss USD 8. five Million in 2008 to having profit much more than...



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