Ahnaf Rafid Prof. Richard Knitter

Assignment # 3

ENC 1101

twenty sixth October 2012

Influence of role versions

We are living in a scientific era, wherever we can get get easily to the tabloids and follow our favorite shows, go through gossips regarding celebrities and chat in social sites. We are in a world where folks are obsessed about entertainment. These kinds of celebrities have got big influence on children. Celebrities act as a super replicator. They convince their fans to obtain thin physique because of that lots of teenagers start to diet and suffer from different types of diseases. Celebs also place catastrophic chemicals in their human body. Most of the people are generally not satisfied with the way they look because celebrities raised the line of beauty. People select their favorite celeb as their position model. Position models have positive and negative sides but as a fan people have to adopt the positives. We all prefer to be different. People always want to be special and popular. We frequently relate to celebrities more than our very own friends or perhaps neighbor. We think they are amazing because they can buy or perhaps do what they want. The reason behind persons like to imitate their favorite celebrity is because we like to imagine that our lives could become like theirs. For an example, soccer player Bautizado Ronaldo (in short contact form CR) is known as a role unit for large amount of young teens, especially those who have are sports fans. His transfer via Manchester United soccer membership to the Actual Madrid C. F. intended for £80 million and was the explanation he became known to wide range of people. This individual became the most expensive soccer player of all time. He earns €12 million annually and this individual has €1 billion cash out clause in the contract. He changed the brand of sports and had taken the game in another level. Selection the game to look more intense. His silky and tricky playing style can be described as treat to view. He was the first ever player to win all the major PFA and FWA awards and also the first ever player to...



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