Enrollment Documents System Specification



Name of the System:

Cabuloan National Senior high school Computerized Enrolment System.

Description of the System:

In capable to reduce the manual and slow process and also to lessen the workload in the existing approach to enrolment, the researchers produce this examine to create a program that is a practice towards accelerated, effective and professional managing of present student's information and grades. The researchers recommend a system which can be the Electronic Enrollment System of Cabuloan Countrywide High School produce their enrollment process less difficult, faster plus more reliable. Through this suggested system, the faculty of the said school can easily track the student's record that includes the scholar's profile, and the grades in each and every subject. In addition , the investigator also included security measures with the system in order to safeguard the info in the program.

The recommended system provides three types of users, namely, Supervisor, Enrolling Educator, and User (Teacher). Every user has its function. To begin the process, every users of the Computerized Enrollment System of CNHS must log-in to the system. The Users (Teachers) has limited access to the device, the User can easily search the student's details to view and input scholar's grade. The Enrolling Instructor has a larger access to the device. The Signing up Teacher can also add, edit and search student's information. While the Administrator has widest opportunity of efficiency, it includes maintenance of the whole program. The only limited thing to the Administrator is usually to access the student's quality. It is limited to the Administrator to protect the privacy from the student's grade that was already passed by the respective subject teachers.

The proposed program can also generate reports just like, grades with the student's, list of students in a certain 12 months level and section, the master list of all the enrollment students of the college in a particular school season.

Steps on the use of System:

For the Administrator:

1 . After opening the device, the Officer must suggestions his/her username and password. 2 . Following logging in, the Supervisor must select on the menu what he/she should do. 3. In the event Student's List menu is definitely selected, a list watch will appear. 3. 1 . Key in the student's ID Amount or Last Name or Initially Name for the textbox and click Watch Button. several. 2 . Following viewing present student's profile, just click Back Key to go back to the key form. some. If Teacher's List menu is selected, a list view will be. 4. 1 . Click Put Button, put for will appear.

4. installment payments on your Type in the required information. Just click Save Key.

5. If perhaps User Accounts menu is definitely selected, a list view will appear. a few. 1 . To Delete a free account.

5. 1 ) 1 . Select an account on the List View being deleted and click Delete Button. 5. 2 . To Edit user account.

your five. 2 . 1 . Select an account on the List Watch to be up to date and simply click Edit Press button. Edit type will appear. five. 2 . 2 . Edit the knowledge needed to modify and just click Save Switch. 6. To exit, click on the Logout link.

Intended for the Signing up Teachers:

1 ) Upon starting the system, the Enrolling Instructor must suggestions his/her username and password. 2 . After logging in, the Enrolling Teacher need to select at a restaurant what he should do. several. If Student's List menu is selected, a list view will appear. 3. 1 ) Type in the student's IDENTITY Number or perhaps Last Name or perhaps First Term on the textbox and simply click Update Press button. 3. 2 . After updating student's profile, click Conserve Button to go back to the main kind and will save the information injected. 4. If perhaps Enroll menu is picked, a list view and enrollment pertaining to will appear. some. 1 . Complete the entire text message field and click Join Button.

5. To exit, click the Logout website link.

For an individual (Teachers):

1 . Upon beginning the system, the User (Teacher) need to input his/her username and password. 2 . After logging in, the person (Teacher) must select at a restaurant what they should do. three or more. If Student's Grade menu is selected, a list view will be. 3. 1 . Type in the...



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