Emotional Maturity for Successful Community Living


We are moving into the world of today which is very quick in growth and development. Today we the spiritual face lots of challenges from the world. We have to come across people who have different temperaments and the spiritual require Г lot of endurance at times to take care of their feelings and to do the ministry better. As a faith based person we need to move around town and we enter in to a fresh culture, dialect and people. We all the religious come from across the globe. We have feature our own relatives background, traditions and language. This makes the religious community life more difficult, beautiful and enriching. And frequently we do not learn how to control or manage our emotions. At this juncture, I am aiming to make a report of the various kinds of emotions which will create trouble within your self and with others.

Chapter one I shall present the various kinds of conditions that affect the community members after they live together. I shall to explain this in its varied aspects.

The second phase of my dissertation talks about the different types of emotions and the causes. When ever any one with this is predominant in the person it creates a whole lot of trouble to herself and also ruins the comfort of the other associates of the community. It can be a wonderful block for the person to grow in sociable relationships with the community members and with the many people.

In section three having made an attempt to go more deeply into the various kinds of emotions which cause problems for the persons, I made an effort to find ways and also to means for gaining emotional maturity remedies and solutions to the emotional concerns which will help the religious to manage the situations in a healthful way and live a harmonious life in the community in addition to the world.

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It's the birthright of each and every human person to live a cheerful and satisfied life. This is certainly more so true in the your life of a religious consecrated person, who has ‘left everything' to follow the Lord simply by living with other consecrated folks and thus creating a religious community. Ideally then simply, it is the would like and plea of the community that their life end up being an authentic witness and respond to the call they have received from your Lord.

For a highly effective community your life and ministry, there is a better need for psychological maturity which can be the definite way of getting and being happy. Every time a few people come together to have under one particular roof, writing many things in keeping, there are sufficient opportunities pertaining to interpersonal exchange, which let others to enter the personal ‘space' of oneself and the various other. Such communications and showing might a lot of times generate an ambiance of envy, selfishness and self-centered behavior. If the users have a particular level of mental maturity a large number of problems could be avoided and/or conflicts quickly solved and carry on with existence.

So in this initially chapter, my attempt is always to understand what feelings are all regarding, the framework of our spiritual life by which we are to have those emotions, and some from the emotional problems that we encounter and have to live with.

1 . 1 ) Understanding Feelings

Emotions can be explained as just a sense or experience caused by a person's perception regarding something or perhaps someone. Thoughts are experienced physically. ”Emotion involves the affective or feeling element of experience. All of us feel psychological. Yet feelings are strongly related to pondering since considering certain thoughts can produce great or unfavorable emotions ” (Minirth & Frank, 1991). Positive emotions are experienced and stated through our system the way all of us relate through our encouraging and comforting words. A few examples of confident emotions are interest, passion, laughter, accord, action, attention, wonder, tenderness, surprise, take pleasure in joy, and peace. Unfavorable emotions will be expressed through our verbal and low verbal...



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