п»їTwo main weaknesses of the diamonds industry: selling price of gemstone linked to source and benefit diamond associated with belief that they are rare and for that reason special, and therefore suitable symbol of sentiment.

DeBeers practiced monopoly electrical power by efficiently controlling production and division of expensive diamonds, thus managing supply and ability to control pricing. When the market began to shift because other sources of diamonds were discovered, DeBeers still organised an advantaged position because they had sole control of the distributors, which in turn gave these people the power and influence to broker an offer with these types of emerging suppliers. This along with a large and successful marketing campaign increased impresionable value and perception of scarcity, which in turn increased card holder's willingness to pay the values, set by the cartel.

The perception of scarcity eventually made demand inelastic, and allowed for DeBeers to set an optimal geradlinig price. While price discrimination is often seen as the best way to increase consumer excessive and lessen dead weight-loss, in DeBeers case, as is the case numerous luxury items, its higher price signals their value towards the consumer, and the consumer will then signal their very own status in front of large audiences when the wear the product.

The problem of precious stone mining given itself into a spirit of cooperation away of necessity. It is not a great undertaking that may be done effectively on a small scale, and it had been impossible to know for certain which will land declare was " lucky” and would produce a good result. This, moreover to troublesome mining conditions over time, cause the supportive partnerships between the miners. This kind of laid the groundwork pertaining to the formation of the DeBeers agglomeration. The idea of collusion between the suppliers to form a monopoly was regarded as a rare possibility to exercise market control over supply and value.

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