Money General

Vanessa Pileggi

Case Summary


Dollar General

In the case of Money General, CEO, David Perdue is analyzing ways in which they can continue to travel the growth of Dollar Basic, otherwise referred to as leading company in the dollars store market. While analyzing his progress opportunities this individual questions which will decision will probably be most beneficial towards the company. Perdue asks him self, " Should we continue to drive development through new stores openings? Or ought to we emphasis more about our existing stores and appear to drive expansion through selling and in-store operational advancements? ”(Dollar General). Analyzing you’re able to send opportunities pertaining to their previous progress can lead Perdue to the most reasonable decision.

David Perdue's search for Money General expansion opportunities will serve to maintain you’re able to send sustainable and leading presence in the money store industry. If Dollars General doesn't continue to implement new options it will start to lag behind competitors, particularly Wal-mart, and instantly visit a downturn. Remaining competitive in the market and attractive to buyers is key for Dollar Basic to remain sustainable in the industry. By following through with the correct expansion opportunities, David Perdue can keep Dollars General a leading competitor.

Dollar Basic has a lot of growth in order to consider, every considering diverse components and segments of the company. These opportunities are as follows: Geographic expansion in the U. T, improve merchandising productivity, increase into solutions, go non-public and do an industry roll up, follow new store format, or international growth. Each option holds prospect of Dollar General, but choosing which opportunity holds the most is the difficulty for Perdue. Though Perdue has a slight advantage when coming up with this decision. Being a close competitor with Wal-mart, a firm who has previously tested a few of these opportunities, allows Perdue to benchmark...



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